The details of Yu Yuexian's car accident were exposed. She went to the event at 3 a.m. and had no children with her husband Zhang Xuesong

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details yu yuexian car accident

8 month 9 On the afternoon of Sunday , Local opera 《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian suddenly died in a car accident , Life is finally fixed in 50 year . After the event , Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's brother ( Assistant Liu Shuangping ) Confirm the news , Frankly, I have just received the bad news , I'm going to Alashan, Inner Mongolia with my two sisters from the northeast to understand the situation , I don't know the details yet !

The sad news of Yu Yuexian's death in a car accident came , And then he was at the top of the hot search topic list , Caught countless fans off guard 、 ouch , I can't believe it . And then , Artists in the circle who have cooperated with Yu Yuexian also send documents one after another to mourn , exceed 20 A star recalls the past , Including Jiang Chao 、 Xiong Ziqi 、 Xinzhilei 、 Sun Qian 、 Ke Lan 、 Zhang ziyi 、 Wu Tong 、 Zhai Tianlin et al !

As for the details of Yu Yuexian's car accident , Because things are so sudden , Plus the crew hasn't made an announcement yet , Make the outside world curious . Around four o'clock in the afternoon , Authoritative media ( The Beijing news ) The reporter contacted 《 Rural love 》 Actor Liu Liu , He has a close personal relationship with Yu Yuexian and has always maintained smooth contact .

When questioned , I heard the sad news of Yu Yuexian's car accident , He was also shocked , Express “ I just got the news , Xiaoxian had an accident while filming in Inner Mongolia ”. Liu Liu revealed that “ Xiaoxian ( Yu Yuexian ) Is in 9 We set out at more than three o'clock in the morning , Go to an event ”, Unfortunately, he died on the way . As for what activities to participate in ? What is she doing now ? The other party did not explain !

After the event , The reporter contacted the traffic police detachment of Alxa League to verify the progress of the investigation , The latter said he had rushed to the scene of the accident as soon as possible , After further investigation, the investigation results will be published in public channels . I believe later , The local police will publish a detailed investigation report , I hope Yu Yuexian's family can live with sorrow , Especially her husband Zhang Xuesong .

Look at Yu Yuexian's social dynamics before she died , Found her last night (8) Also released a dynamic in the circle of friends , Promote the beautiful prairie hometown , Title “ Willow orchid , There are only two places in the world , One is in England , About one mu ; And the other place is in the Liulan ditch in Xilin Gol , At present, there are about ten mu , It's so beautiful ”. love your life 、 Love family , Yu Yuexian, who always had a sunny heart, was suddenly killed in a car accident , It's very sad !

Yu Yuexian's death , I believe the biggest blow is her husband Zhang Xuesong , They love each other 20 years , To share weal and woe 、 Share joys and sorrows , a married couple very much in love . It is reported that , Yu Yuexian has a brother suffering from a strange disease , Congenital scoliosis is severe , In order to work hard to make money to treat his brother , Yu Yuexian has been putting off with her husband “ To make a man ”, There are no children or girls .

Look at the social dynamics of director Zhang Xuesong , Found him yesterday (9) He also praised his wife's works , Always concerned about Yu Yuexian filming in Inner Mongolia . It is a pity , Tomorrow and accident , You never know which comes first ? The dead are gone , The living are like this , The living should be strong and live well , Let the dead rest in heaven !( Picture source network , Infringement must be deleted )

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