Before Yu Yuexian's car accident, she was marginalized in rural love, and Xie Dajiao became an advertising symbol

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yu yuexian car accident marginalized

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Wang Xiaoli left a sad message : I really can't accept such a departure . and 《 Rural love 》 Officials sent a message of condolences :“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good .

《 Rural love 15》 Just finished 20 That's the bad news , For the planning 《 Rural love 16》 It's a blow , What if we deal with the role of Xie Dajiao ?

When Bi Chang got pregnant and Liu Xiaoguang had problems , Wang Xiaomeng and Zhao Si are arranged to study abroad , Disappeared one , Now Miss Yu Yuexian has left , What about Xie Dajiao , What about Bigfoot supermarket ? You can't be like Wang Tianlai played by Xiao Shenyang , If you don't give any explanation, it's gone .

Remember 《 Rural love 13》 in , Because of actor Wang Xiaoli's personal reasons , The role of Liu Neng was replaced by apprentice Zhao Mingyuan , When the news came out , Many old fans can't accept , And Li Ronghao said : Ye Qing Jie .

Fortunately, from the first 14 Department start , Wang Xiaoli is back again , The fans were relieved at last , Otherwise , I'm really abandoning the play .

Now , Miss Yu Yuexian died , Who can take metabolic big feet ? If Xie Dajiao never comes back ,《 Rural love 》 Where to go .

15 Photographed in , full-itinerary guides 《 Rural love 》 There aren't too many original people , Judging from the weight of the play , Only Xie Guangkun and Xie Dajiao stick to it , And like Wang Laoqi 、 Xie Yongqiang 、 Xiangxiu and others have long been marginalized . During this period, Zhao Si changed people once , Replace Guan Xiaoping with Liu Xiaoguang , Wang Xiaomeng changed people once , Replace Wang Yabin by Bi chang , Wang Musheng changed people once , Tian wa replaces Fan Wei , Liu Neng changed people once , Zhao Mingyuan replaces Wang Xiaoli .

The rest , Often hide one or two before they show up , For example, Chen Yannan .

It's just 《 Rural love 15》 During the shooting , A photo of Xie Guangkun's mourning hall caused an uproar on the whole network , Many people wonder if Xie Guangkun is going offline , If so ,《 Rural love 》 It depends on who tosses , Ivory Hill F4 How many jokes are there , Xie Guangkun has just finished 60 Birthday is off the line , Don't you want to shoot the play again .

Fortunately, the news later refuted the rumor , This set photo is just a movie stills of actor Tang Jianjun who plays Xie Guangkun .

But now , With the death of Teacher Yu Yuexian , Xie Dajiao really left ,《 Rural love 》 How much attraction is left ?

To be honest , here we are 《 Rural love 》 The next few , It has completely become a love play between big man and small Shuang , In the meantime, song Xiaofeng's toss is mixed , Plus the show is composed of 60 Reduced to 40, Ivory Hill F4 The play was greatly compressed , Xie Dajiao doesn't have much chance to show up .

in other words , Before Yuexian died in a car accident , stay 《 Rural love 》 Has been marginalized in , Because of the existence of Dajiao supermarket , Need to implant some advertising , So Xie Dajiao has already become an advertising symbol , Her role is to communicate with ivory Hill Service Station 3 Like a young man , There are a lot of advertisements in every appearance .

I think this is also a normal thing ,《 Rural love 》 It's been filmed 15 year , Xie Dajiao left 3 Second marriage , It's over 4 Second marriage , Later, he became a women's director , There aren't many stories she can dig out , This comes from 《 Rural love 13》 Arranging for her to be cheated will show , Such a shrewd man , How can you be easily fooled .

Yes, of course , For old fans , Xie Dajiao is still an irreplaceable role ,15 Years of company , The audience has long been used to watching how Xie Dajiao cleans up Liu Neng , But later, the two played less and less against each other , Until 《 Rural love 15》 It became a masterpiece .

according to 《 Rural love 》 The shooting plan of , The first 16 The Department will be on the agenda soon , But because of Miss Yu Yuexian's death , It is estimated that the script will be greatly adjusted , As for the final way to make Xie Dajiao disappear , I don't know .

Miss Yu Yuexian , All the way walk good .

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