Yu Yuexian died in a car accident: goodbye, the "canteen goddess" in rural love

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yu yuexian died car accident

unfortunately , Another good actor left the world .

8 month 9 Japan , Some media say on social platforms : Famous actors 、《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia .

The news of Miss Yu's death is so surprising , A few days ago, she also posted a video of herself picking mushrooms on the grassland on the social platform and helped promote her hometown's agricultural products .

At present, Benshan media, where it is located, has also confirmed that the news is true , Yu Yuexian's sisters and brothers also got the news , Rush to the place of the accident .

01. Carrying a family , Weight bearing growth

Yu Yuexian was born in an ordinary family in Chifeng, Inner Mongolia .

Before she was born , There are already two sisters at home .

And parents desperately have children , Just to want a boy , Ask for a son and daughter .

After the birth of Yuexian , The youngest brother finally came to the family , Parents and elders pay attention to their little brother who is not in good health .

Therefore, Yu Yuexian has been very sensible since childhood , Take on the housework , Strong and independent .

Yu Yuexian has had a good relationship with her cousin since she was a child , Under the influence of her cousin, she began to be interested in dancing .

So I signed up for the dance class in the children's palace to study .

Even if you want to treat your brother, you can only go to technical secondary school , She still hasn't let go of her love for dance .

Yu Yuexian achieved excellent results when studying in technical secondary school , And want to make a good life at home , So she got the teaching capital again , Became a teacher at school .

Until the Central Academy of drama came to Inner Mongolia to recruit students , She took great pains to find a chance to pass the Chinese opera , Show your talents .

By the original work unit “ Dethrone ” Go to the mailroom 、 The family scolded and even beaten failed to make Yu Yuexian give up her determination to go to the Chinese opera .

Through her unremitting efforts , And multi-party coordination ,1992 year , Yu Yuexian finally became a Chinese opera 92 The students in the first grade performance class .

Here she met her classmate Huang Haibing 、 Mao Hai et al , Also met her love ―― Husband Zhang Xuesong .

02. I have been in business for many years , Finally remembered

I believe many friends begin to remember “ Yu Yuexian ” The name is because 《 Rural love 》 Series TV series .

And entertaining people to remember her is from 98 edition 《 Water margin 》 and 2000 Broadcast in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 in .

In these two plays, Yu Yuexian played by Ruda 、 Jin Cuilian, the singing girl saved by Shi Jin, and Wuzhen, the witch in Chenguan town .

It's a pity that 《 Rural love 》 Before , Few people can remember Yu Yuexian .

In the early years , Yu Yuexian has participated in many film and television works , But it didn't make her more remembered , It didn't make her “ A rich man ”.

The sick brother needs surgery for money , In order to collect the operation expenses for my brother , Yu Yuexian took over 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The play .

stay 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Chen Wuzhen, who has all kinds of emotions , and 《 Rural love 》 Medium “ The first goddess of ivory mountain ” Thank you , If you don't deliberately mention , I don't think many people associate these two roles with one person .

The turnaround of Yu Yuexian's career comes from a drama performance , In the play 92 In the 10th anniversary celebration of the graduation of the first-class performance department , Yu Yuexian was praised and recognized by her brother-in-law Zhao Benshan for her acting skills .

Zhao Benshan is preparing to shoot 《 Rural love 》 when , Yu Yuexian's cousin recommended Yu Yuexian to her husband to play “ Thank you ” The role of , But her husband thought Yu Yuexian was too “ Foreign style ”.

In order to get “ Thank you ” The role of , Yu Yuexian took the initiative to experience life in the countryside , She does whatever people in the countryside do , Active tanning 、 Active fattening , Become more like “ Aunt ”, Make yourself like two different people .

It is precisely because Yu Yuexian is “ Thank you ” The effort made ,《 Rural love 》 After the hit ,“ Thank you ” It has indeed become a famous brand of Yu Yuexian , Even if someone doesn't know her real name , Can also blurt out “ Thank you ”.

No matter what you play, not many people remember , To have such a highly national role , Yu Yuexian finally found her own way .

03. Conclusion

adopt 《 Rural love 》 and “ Have a name ” Teacher Yu Yuexian has also appeared in many film and television dramas over the years , stay 2017 At the end of the year, she also participated in 《 The birth of an actor 》 This program .

In the program , Yu Yuexian conquered the judges with her exquisite acting skills 、 The audience .

She came , Proved that you're not just “ Thank you ”, There can be more roles .

For Yu Yuexian ,“ Thank you ” Is an important part of her acting career , She fattened up for the role 、 Change your form 、 Language 、 action , This role is deeply imprinted in the hearts of the audience .

For the audience ,“ Thank you ” It is also an important existence .

And from now on , The figure that has accompanied the audience for more than ten years disappeared .

Yu Yuexian , For more than 20 years , A childless life , I've been carrying the burden for my native family all my life , But inadvertently ignored himself …… In this way, it will stay in 50 year , Left some regrets in this world .

All the way walk good , Yu Yuexian , All the way walk good ,“ Thank you ”.


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