At the age of 50, "Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident. Five actors have left in "country love" for 15 years

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age xie dajiao died car

" Thank you " Yu Yuexian left us because of a car accident , It makes many viewers and friends in the circle sad .

from 2006 Year begins , She's right there 《 Rural love 》 There was an excellent performance in .

Until this year ,《 Rural love 》 Also broadcast to the third 13 season ," Thank you " Has accompanied the audience 15 year .

This is a cheerful and hot , Warm and generous big sister , The last life is fixed 50 year .

Little Shenyang , Jiang Chao and others all sent documents to mourn , Many people can't believe , I don't want to believe .

《 Rural love 》15 year , There has been a 5 The actor left the audience .

01, Zhang Xiaoguang , Li Dami

Zhang Xiaoguang is Zhao Benshan's Apprentice , It's a bit. 70 after .

He was in 《 Rural love 》 The actor in the movie is a shopkeeper , The deductive style is humorous and grounded .

stay 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 in , He plays a little gangster , Chase and beat Yufen , The market is full of gas .

In addition to acting in TV dramas , His duet on the stage is also wonderful .

Unfortunately , stay 2016 year , He was knocked down on a motorcycle and died .

Where is Li Dami 《 Rural love 》 It's a passenger , Also had a duel with Xie Guangkun .

It's wonderful to play a simple and kind rural woman , Although the play is few , But her death , It still makes many people feel sorry .

02, First disciple Li Zhengchun and " Xiaoyu "

Everybody knows , Li Zhengchun is the eldest disciple of Zhao Benshan .

He sings Errenzhuan very well , such as 《 The Empress Dowager also faces 》 Just circle powder .

stay 《 Rural love 》 in , He plays Li Fu , stay 《 Liu Lao root 》 In part one and two , It plays the township head Feng Yuan , Personal style is obvious .

He's an actor , And the host , Unfortunately , stay 2007 year , His illness worsened and he died .

Liu Yu plays Xiao Yu , stay 《 Rural love 》 The first 11 Department and 12 Department appearance .

He's a bit of a man " Thunder ", I'm a technician in a dog farm .

Very confident , Like Erya , I also like Xiaoshuang .

Although people are not pleasing , But I'm still impressed with his role .

He died of a sudden myocardial infarction , Many friends expressed regret , Even 《 Rural love 》 All the official bloggers mourned him " I wish you well , Let me share with you ".

He is also the youngest .

03, Yu Yuexian

Yu Yuexian's death , It hurts a lot of people .

actually , There are still a lot of her classic characters , Just because Xie Dajiao is too popular , Her other roles are rarely mentioned .

stay 98 edition 《 Water margin 》 in , She plays Jin Cuilian who was saved by lutiha .

Poor life experience , lovingly pathetic .

This is also her early work , In fact, the first thing she wanted to challenge was Pan Jinlian , But the final Jin Cuilian also gave her a lot of opportunities .

This year , Yu Yuexian hasn't arrived yet 30 year , Beautiful .

Then , She also appeared in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Five truths in , Want to forcibly marry the reincarnated spirit of the Buddha .

She changed Jin Cuilian's timidity , Become domineering and violent .

The character is beautiful , And now, " Thank you " It's not a feeling at all , It is also the peak of her beauty .

Played the most classic Xie Dajiao , Now in her 50 At the age of , I left my netizen because of a car accident .

Think about aftertaste , It can only be in memory .

Thanks to these excellent film and television actors who bring happiness to the audience .

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