Yu Yuexian, 50, died in a car accident! On the way, he collided with two camels, and the last one was tearful

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yu yuexian died car accident

8 month 9 Japan , Famous actress Yu Yuexian had a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Died of a serious injury , Netizens have left messages saying they can't believe it , Many stars in the circle have also sent messages to mourn .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian is 9 Filming in Inner Mongolia on the morning of the th , He was seriously injured in a car accident when he went out , Many netizens left a message saying “ Hope is false ”“ Waiting for the official rumor ”, However, Benshan media later confirmed the news .

After it happened , The media contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , Yu Yingjie, also assistant to Benshan media art director , He said he had just got the news , Now I'm going to deal with this matter with my two eldest sisters .

The local traffic police brigade sent out the police immediately after receiving the accident information , And issue an official statement , Weigh in 9 Early morning , Yu Yuexian's car collided with two camels on the road , The accident was the main cause of her death , Others have varying degrees of injury , Two camels died .

It's not a traffic violation , No other reason , Just because two animals , It's really “ an accident ”. Know the cause of the accident , Netizens have sent messages expressing shock and sadness ,《 Country love story 》 It's a big play that everyone saw from childhood ,“ Aunt Bigfoot ” It can be said that he accompanied many people , It's hard to accept the sudden departure now .

And then , Little Shenyang 、 Zhai Tianlin, Xin Zhilei and other stars have successively sent documents , I hope she can go all the way , Zhang Ziyi even posted their chat records , To be frank “ It's agreed that the future will be long ”, It's tearful . This year, netizens witnessed the death of many stars , Every farewell is forever , Are saying goodbye to childhood memories .

Yu Yuexian's social account , The last dynamic is that she is carrying out public welfare publicity for her hometown . In the picture , She's wearing a pink coat and a sun hat , Wearing a green flower scarf , The makeup on the face is exquisite , Although already 50 Years old, but in great shape .

She speaks Mandarin with a slight northeast flavor , Singing while happily picking mushrooms , See the big mushroom wading directly through the grass , A happy and satisfied look , I can see her love for this land , There's no star shelf at all . Now under this dynamic , They are all netizens' messages and condolences , I hope she can meet her own... In another world “ Changgui ”, I hope there are no accidents in heaven .

To say , Yu Yuexian is a very powerful actor , She graduated from the Central Academy of drama , Many viewers know her through national IP《 Country love story 》, But as early as 2000 She took part in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》. At that time only 29 Year-old she , Play a charming and beautiful “ Chen Wuzhen ”, Not only beautiful , Acting skills are also very good , Impress the audience , This character is also known as Yu Yuexian's “ Beauty peak ”.

Yu Yuexian is the eldest sister of the family , Life is not rich since childhood , The youngest brother Yu Yingjie is also suffering from a strange disease , from 8 At the age of, the spine gradually bends , The internal organs are compressed and deformed , If you let it go, you may not stand up all your life . To heal my brother , While studying, she took Yu Yingjie everywhere to seek medical treatment .

During the period of university , Yu Yuexian met her husband Zhang Xuesong , Together, they try to overcome difficulties and seek medical treatment , Finally, I was lucky to meet an expert from a hospital , Yu Yingjie stood up again , And in 2010 Two lovely daughters came in . To save my brother , For many years, Yu Yuexian has been busy making money to seek medical treatment , So that I ignore my major events , No children after marriage .

I have gone , Living strong , I hope Zhang Xuesong can come out as soon as possible , although “ Aunt Bigfoot ” Already gone , But the works she left behind will never fade , I hope she can go all the way , I don't know what will happen in the future 《 Country love story 》 How will you arrange this role .

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