Yu Yuexian died in a car accident, and Changgui can come back to life, but "country love" has never had Xie Dajiao again

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yu yuexian died car accident

《 Rural love 》 This classic rural comedy has achieved good results from the first one , Today, the play is still shooting .

The reason why the play is so popular , The main reason is three words : Grounded .

In the most simple way, it shows the life and family life in the rural areas of Northeast China , It makes many people who have never been to northeast understand northeast life .

Although the play is getting more and more outrageous , But it can still make the audience want it , Even the dead characters in the play can come back smoothly , And continue to make love scenes with actors .

This character is Wang Changgui , When Wang Changgui's actor left 《 Rural love 》, Many people have heard about the death of actors , Until he reappears in 《 Rural love 》 To dispel the rumor .

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