Yu Yuexian died in a car accident at the age of 50. There is no thanks for big feet in rural love. Little Shenyang: let's go all the way

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yu yuexian died car accident

Some news media said they learned from Benshan media : Famous actors ,《 Rural love 》“ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian is 8 month 9 In Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Died in a car accident . After the news came out , Stunned netizens for a moment .

After all, four days ago , Yu Yuexian also showed the dynamics of picking mushrooms on the grassland , She was smiling in the video , It's very kind . Now suddenly died , We can't accept direct calls .

According to people familiar with the matter ,8 month 9 Yu Yuexian and his party filmed in Inner Mongolia on the morning of August , Due to excessive speed , There was a car accident , The injury is too serious , The rescue was ineffective , Unfortunately died . Because things are too sudden , When the reporter contacted Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's brother , He said he had just learned the news , I don't know the details of the matter .

1971 Yu Yuexian, born in , It's just full this year 50 year , I haven't enjoyed a comfortable life yet , He died unfortunately , Tomorrow and accident, you never know which one comes first !

Yu Yuexian plays 《 Rural love 》 Medium “ Thank you ” A corner is famous , Yu Yuexian's superb acting brought Xie Dajiao to life , The warm-hearted and cheerful image infected the audience , Let her harvest full of popularity , At the same time, it has won numerous awards for this role . Fans and fans can't believe the news , Direct call 《 Rural love 》 Since then, there has been no Xie Dajiao !

Little Shenyang also couldn't accept , Crying and posting :“ Aunt, go all the way ”.

Director Wu Tong also sent a document to mourn Teacher Yu Yuexian , Say you can't accept it for a while , Record with Miss Yu Yuexian 《 The birth of an actor 》 When , I admire her very much . I'm sorry, too 《 ace 》 Failed to invite Mr. Yu , Unexpectedly, this regret has become an eternal regret .

As an actor, Yu Yuexian is very dedicated , Her last tweet was that she forwarded her message in 《 Ideals shine in China 》 Video of speeches at the Seminar . In the video, she looks radiant , be in good out of a bandbox , Now her Baidu page has become black and white .

People have to sigh that things are changeable ! Miss Yu Yuexian, have a good trip !

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