Details of Yu Yuexian's car accident: two camels were also killed. There were 4 people in the car, and only she died

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details yu yuexian car accident

The news of Yu Yuexian's death in a car accident , Shocked the whole network .《 Country love story 》 The first 15 It's only a month since Ji shaqing , Yu Yuexian is also looking forward to the broadcast of the TV series , Why is heaven and man separated forever now ?

The police reported the details of Yu Yuexian's death .

The accident happened in 8 month 9 No. In the morning , The driver Guo drove a minibus and hit two camels . Two camels died , Yu Yuexian died , The rest are rescuing .

All in all 4 personal ,3 Human rescue , Only Yu Yuexian died unfortunately . It makes people sigh .

Netizens also reply according to the only information . Three o'clock in the morning , Alashan is vast and sparsely populated , The driver is driving at high speed on the road , Maybe two camels suddenly rushed out , The driver didn't respond well , It led to tragedy .

Others said they didn't understand : Why did Yu Yuexian die ? Because of the seat belt , Or because she's resting ?

Small 8 All of a sudden 《 Princess huanzhu 》 The actor Liu Dan , She is in 2000 in , Also died in a car accident .

From the details released by the police , Liu Dan didn't wear his seat belt , Thrown out of the car on the spot , Hit the guardrail of the highway , Cause massive bleeding in the body .

The two people in the front seat are wearing seat belts , So only minor injuries .

A contrast on both sides , Yu Yuexian's car accident , It is quite similar to Liu Dan's , One of them didn't wear a seat belt , Maybe they have a lot in common .

Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , While everyone is lamenting , Once again, pay attention to the importance of traffic safety . whenever , Obey traffic laws 、 Drive carefully .

We always say we should fasten our seat belts in the front row , In fact, it's also important to fasten your seat belt in the back !

Yu Yuexian became famous in 《 Rural love 》 series , Although she and Zhao Benshan's wife are cousins , But her acting career depends on her own , in “ Thank you ” when , In order to fit her role better , Don't hesitate to fatten up 20 Jin . and ” Thank you “ A corner has also succeeded in becoming 《 Rural love 》 The classic characters of the series .

Yu Yuexian married her classmate Zhang Xuesong , Zhang Xuesong is also a director , Married couple 20 I've had a good relationship for many years . Yu Yuexian has to take care of her parents and disabled brother , Never had a child with her husband , But it doesn't hinder the love of their husband and wife .

Yu Yuexian died suddenly in a car accident , Let her family , Friends and audiences who like her are very sad , The official account of rural love sent the news of mourning Yu Yuexian :“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan . Many stars also mourned Yu Yuexian .

Yu Yuexian is the cousin of Zhao Benshan's wife , Zhao Benshan's daughter also delivered a memorial message : You are the big foot aunt of many people , But I just call you aunt . According to the Internet , Because I learned the news of Yu Yuexian's death , Zhao Benshan's daughter cancelled her live broadcast .

Among the disciples of Zhao family class , Xiao Shenyang and Wang Xiaoli also successively sent documents to mourn Yu Yuexian , They affectionately called Yu Yuexian “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ”, I hope Yu Yuexian goes well all the way .

And Zhang Ziyi is because 《 The birth of an actor 》 There is an intersection with Yu Yuexian , Zhang Ziyi posted a chat record with Yu Yuexian , Affectionately shout Yu Yuexian as “ Elder sister ”.

Guo Donglin also sent three photos of Yu Yuexian , Dispatch , What a pity .

Yu Yuexian died unexpectedly , Except for her family , friend , Many netizens who like her also feel very sorry and sad , But this man is dead , I hope Yu Yuexian goes well all the way , And her family can come out of sadness as soon as possible .

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