Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law died in a car accident. The crew of "rural love" mourned that she had no children at the age of 50

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zhao benshan sister-in-law sister law

title : Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law died in a car accident ,《 Rural love 》 The crew mourned ,50 I haven't had a child all my life

I just wanted to take a break at noon today , A message suddenly pops up on the mobile phone .《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident .

Tell the truth , When you see the news , Xiaobian was shocked , After all, Xiaobian also looks at 《 Rural love 》 Grew up , And the play is also very classic , Every winter vacation 、 It will be shown during the summer vacation , Netizens will follow 《 Rural love 》 In the footsteps of , Catch up with this film and shoot 12 Season's play .

But I didn't expect , The role of Xie Dajiao in the play , He died unexpectedly today .

Everyone knows the role of Xie Dajiao , Even more than her own name , After all “ Thank you ” This character is so classic .

Xie Dajiao died this time , Many netizens in the circle mourned , She can be famous , Also benefited from Zhao Benshan .

Everybody knows , Yu Yuexian is Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law , There was no shooting 《 Rural love 》 Before , Zhao Benshan doesn't recognize Yu Yuexian's acting .

I didn't expect Yu Yuexian to “ Thank you ” The role was played so well , So it was soon 《 Rural love 》 Fans love .

Upon receipt of “ Thank you ” After the news of the death of the car accident ,《 Rural love 》 The crew soon came to mourn .

except 《 Rural love 》 Outside the crew , There are also many star friends in the entertainment circle who send messages to mourn .

Zhang Ziyi said 17 At the end of the year, I met Yu Yuexian on the stage of the program , Exclaim :“ It's agreed that the future will be long ? Go all the way, elder martial sister ”.

- Zhai Tianlin sent a document to mourn :“ It must be fake … You are such a good person , Cooperation is good , It's good to be friends , Always encourage me , It must be fake . The elder sister , I'm so sad … It's so sad .”

Wu Tong sent a document to mourn :“ The bad news came , I can't accept it for a while ……” Recall the last chat ,“ It was a pity that ACE failed to invite sister Yue Xian , I didn't expect that one regret has become a permanent regret ! Good bye. Take care. ! ”

“ Li Dazui ” Jiang Chao sent a document to mourn :“ shock ! Grieve deeply ! A good sister left us ! Fairy sister , It's easy all the way ”

Xiao Shenyang mourns Yu Yuexian :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way ”

Xiong Ziqi issued a document :“ Aunt Bigfoot All the way walk good ” And a picture of Yu Yuexian in 《 Rural love 》 A toy photo of Xie Dajiao in .

Sun Qian wrote that :“ sister , I wish it wasn't true , May you be well. !”

Jin Yan sent continuous messages to mourn :“ There is no more ‘ Thank you ’, Aunt, go all the way ! ” Said Yu Yuexian left so many beautiful ,“ good 、 good 、 A low profile ”.

Xin Zhilei sent a document to mourn :“ Sister Yue Xian …… Such a good person , All the way walk good

To say , Netizens were surprised , Everyone said in succession , I was just watching a TV play starring Yu Yuexian , I didn't expect to receive the bad news today .

And Yu Yuexian this time in the early morning 3 An accident happened when I rushed to the crew more than a little , At that time, the driver drove too fast , Hit a camel . The camel has also been killed , And the two people in the same car were injured to varying degrees , Only Yu Yuexian died with regret .

A man died suddenly , It's a fatal blow to the family , Yu Yuexian married her husband 20 these years , Never had a baby .

this 20 Years of time , Yu Yuexian spent most of her time in the crew , I didn't expect to die on the crew this time , It's a pity .

Finally, I hope Xie Dajiao can always stand in people's hearts , I hope Yu Yuexian goes well all the way !

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