No bottom line! Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Xie Dajiao supermarket attracted public anger

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8 month 9 Noon , The media broke the news in 《 Rural love 》 Actor Yu Yuexian, who plays Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia . An insider disclosed that at that time, because the speed was too fast , There was an accident , As a result, Yu Yuexian was seriously injured , And die .

Yu Yuexian's last video is dancing with Wang Yun in front of Dajiao supermarket . The media contacted the director who worked with Yu Yuexian 、 Actor Liu Liu confirmed the news , Xiao Shenyang also sent a document to mourn Yu Yuexian , Text representation :“ I can't believe , Aunt, go all the way ”.

After the incident came to light , It was discovered by netizens that the anchor network of ivory mountain crew opened the live broadcast of Xie Dajiao supermarket , While introducing the local specialties , One side lies in the Moon Fairy 《 Rural love 》 Play Xie Dajiao live in the supermarket , To express my sorrow for big feet , Soon the studio was on fire , Squeeze in more than 60000 netizens to watch .

Although the anchor didn't show his face , But the voice sounds very emotional , I've been sighing in the live broadcast , I kept telling you about Xie Dajiao in my interaction with netizens. This is really true . Don't forget to introduce some stills and shooting gags of Yu Yuexian in Xie Dajiao supermarket , Yu Yuexian and other actors smiled sweetly at the camera , The supermarket is still with 《 Rural love 》 It's the same .

But also because the anchor has been broadcasting Dajiao supermarket live at this time , Constantly introducing Xie Dajiao has also attracted the dissatisfaction of many netizens , Scold their consumption feelings , At this time, rub the heat , Immoral and disrespectful , It's so hateful ! Netizens mocked and said “ The anchor is so efficient ” Scold the anchor for being impersonal , The anchor retorted that he didn't do the live broadcast on purpose , Every day 《 Rural love 》 Live broadcast at the film and television base .

Then the anchor took everyone to the home where Yu Yuexian played Xie Dajiao , There is also a group photo of Xie Dajiao and Chang GUI on the bedroom wall , Netizens also burst into tears when they saw this scene , However, for the anchor, this live broadcast with ulterior motives is due to public anger , Netizens have said that this rub heat is a little too much , I hope he can respect the dead , Stop broadcasting immediately .

Although the anchor has always said that there is no heat , But he always mentioned Xie Dajiao in the live broadcast , He kept going to Xie Dajiao's supermarket and home for live broadcast , Obviously with ulterior motives , I don't know if it's because there are too many complaints , Finally, the live broadcast stopped abruptly !

It seems that netizens also strongly condemn the anchor's behavior , After all, there are some ulterior motives for live broadcasting at this time . After the news came to light , Many netizens are still difficult to accept , After all, many netizens grew up watching Yu Yuexian's play , from 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 The female ghost five is really a household name 《 Rural love 》 Thank you , Many of Yu Yuexian's roles have attracted the love of many netizens .

In the face of such news , Also let netizens shout and sigh , Therefore, there is a live broadcast of Xie Dajiao supermarket at this time , No wonder it will attract netizens' dissatisfaction , Consumers make complaints about Tucao's broadcasting , It's too much to rub the heat at this time !

Now things are right and people are wrong , According to the official report of the traffic police detachment of the local security bureau : Yu Yuexian took SUV The car collided with two camels, killing Yu Yuexian , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died . Many fans also expressed regret , Rural love without Xie Dajiao should be the end of the play ! There is no aunt Bigfoot in the world , Aunt Bigfoot, go all the way .

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