Yu Yuexian, 50, died suddenly in a car accident: it turns out that life really doesn't have so much time

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yu yuexian died suddenly car

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See the news on the hot search , Yu Yuexian died suddenly in a car accident , I was stunned .

The cause of the matter is , When Yu Yuexian was filming with the crew in Mongolia , A sudden accident, a car accident , Died due to severe injury and ineffective rescue . When a media reporter told Yu Yuexian's relatives , When asking whether this message is true or false , Only to find that this is a real tragedy , Yu Yuexian, who died in a car accident , This year is just 50 year .

Yu Yuexian once participated in 《 Trump to trump 》 The recording of , Good relationship with director Wu Tong , Wu Tong, who was shocked by the bad news , Also posted a message on Weibo to mourn :“ I didn't expect that one regret has become an eternal regret , Good bye. Take care. .”

Yeah , Who could have thought that Yu Yuexian would die suddenly , After all, she just 50 year , It was then , It was the year of fighting .

Yu Yuexian tweeted for the last time , Is in the 4 Days ago , She is wearing a pink coat on the prairie , The scenery around is beautiful , Blue sky, white clouds and green trees , And she is also very happy in the picture , Smile all over my face .

No one can think of , This is her last microblog , The one on TV , Yu Yuexian, who brings people laughter , The last time I tweeted , Still bring you a smile , It's sweet , It's beautiful .

Yu Yuexian wrote to the photo :“ Big feet go everywhere to show you around ”, She should have wanted to bring goods for grassland mushrooms .

Is such a Yu Yuexian who loves life , She loves to laugh so much in life , There's no time to leave a word , There's no time to say goodbye to people , He left in a hurry , The world she loves most .


Although Yu Yuexian on TV , Often plays the role of comedy , But in life , She is a little literary woman who likes playing piano, chess, calligraphy and painting .

Yu Yuexian likes calligraphy and painting best , When you have time , She either practices calligraphy , Or draw by yourself .

Yu Yuexian has been wandering in the entertainment circle for many years , Although it's not a first-line or second-line star , But her popularity is still high , Netizens like her very much , I prefer her role .

And she's lucky , In the marriage, there is a man who loves her very much , Two people came together because of filming .

The relationship between the two people after marriage has been very stable , It is also a rare marriage model in the entertainment industry , When two people are together, the financial foundation is very poor , No money, no financial ability , So I always put taking care of my parents first , And put the children at the back .

When you have money to have children , Yu Yuexian found that she was getting older , And I've seen more women around me since childhood , After being despised by men who despise children because they have daughters , Giving birth to a child is a loaded thing for Yuexin , And don't think it's happiness .

Yu Yuexian and her husband have been married for so many years , Although always DINK , But the relationship has been quite stable , Having no children does not affect the degree of love between their husband and wife .

marry 20 many years , They have been enjoying the sweetness of the little couple , He is a real marriage model with good feelings in the entertainment industry .

For Yu Yuexian's sudden death , It's hard for netizens to believe , Leave messages in the comment area .

“ Yu Yuexian , Xie Dajiao played very well , I like Xie Dajiao very much , What a pity , Just leave !”

“ I remember that at the beginning of the year, Ms. Yu Yuexian just arrived at our hometown in Lincang, Yunnan Province ! Sorry ! Sorry !”

“ Rural love is finally going to be a masterpiece , Rural love without Yu Yuexian has no soul .”

“ We never know which comes first tomorrow or accident , May everyone be safe and healthy !”

“ I just hope it's a rumor , Now it seems to be true .”

“ It was so sudden , I can't believe .”


Once we always thought life was long , Many people can know for a lifetime , Many people can love each other for a lifetime , Many people can be friends for a lifetime , The reality is , Life is in a hurry , We never know which of tomorrow and accident comes first .

Some people say goodbye before they know each other , Some people have no time to speak, but they are separated by Yin and Yang , There is no such thing as a long future in life , Every time I say goodbye , Could be the last chance to meet .

The book says : No one knows which comes first tomorrow or the accident , therefore , When a family is healthy together , You should enjoy every minute and every second , Cherish the people around you , It makes more sense than anything .

When you have family around you , When accompanied by a lover , You are happier than many people .

Like life has two laments : It's hard to find a bosom friend , Second, sigh that things are changeable .

Because things change , That's why there's not so much time to come , This is the real life , This is the real life , Always full of accidents , Always full of regret , Always full of so much too late .

Hug the lover around you right now , Kiss him well , Say a warm word to him , Because whether love or not , You all have only this lifetime of fate , I'll never see you again in my next life . And life is always full of so many accidents , What you want is a long time to come , There is no real future .

Thank you for your love , I'm arbor , Millions of leopard print authors , Write about marital emotions 、 Warm heart story . Pay attention to me , Will bring you more wonderful content .

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