Police informed Yu Yuexian of the cause of the accident: collision with two camels! Zhao Benshan's daughter sent a document to mourn

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police informed yu yuexian cause

8 month 9 Japan , According to media reports ,《 Rural love 》 in “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian , Unfortunately, there was a car accident in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , He was declared dead because of his serious injury , At the age of 50 year .

According to the police , Yu Yuexian took SUV There was a collision with two camels on the road in Alashan , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

The sudden bad news made many people very sad ,《 Rural love 》 Guan Bo sent a document to mourn Yu Yuexian :“‘ Immortal ’ Man is dead , Such as ‘ month ’ Chan Juan , Our beloved teacher Yu Yuexian , Dear aunt Bigfoot , Country love is the closest family , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good .”

as everyone knows , Yu Yuexian is 《 Rural love 》15 A series of TV dramas , Because of his success in playing “ Thank you ” This role has been loved by the audience , And it is popular all over the country . Except for the well-known ” Thank you “ This role , Yu Yuexian played 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Chen Wuzhen , In that era without beauty filters , Yu Yuexian has exquisite facial features , The young and beautiful left a deep impression on the audience .

It is reported that , Yu Yuexian is the cousin of Zhao Benshan's wife Ma Lijuan , Also Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law ,《 Rural love 》 When selecting angle , My cousin recommended to Zhao Benshan and was rejected , Because Zhao Benshan thought Yu Yuexian looked foreign , It is not consistent with the image of Xie Dajiao's Ivory mountain peasant woman . Until Yu Yuexian went deep into the countryside to experience the role, he won the role , From now on “ Thank you ” a 《 Rural love 》 Indispensable soul figures .

just , Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu sent a document to mourn her aunt through the social platform , Words are full of grief :“ You leave in a hurry , Ivory Hill will be lonely . We don't know where to buy things in the future . Many people still have credit . Whose family has more contradictions , I'm sure I'll want to judge you . But I can only angrily walk to the door of Dajiao supermarket , See the closed door , I suddenly remembered that you were gone .”

What makes netizens cry most is , Yu Yuexian's last circle of friends was to cheer for her hometown , She took three pictures of herself , Yes, jingbiye has a bright smile , Don't forget to publicize the beauty of your hometown , She is very comfortable in the picture , Picking mushrooms on the grassland , Who knows, this is Yu Yuexian's last appearance on the social platform .

Impermanence, , Mr. Yu Yuexian walked well all the way !

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