No bottom line for rubbing heat? Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Many netizens scolded her for live broadcast in wanghongdajiao supermarket

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line rubbing heat yu yuexian

8 month 9 Japan , Famous actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , It has attracted the attention and heated discussion of countless netizens . Many netizens exclaim ,《 Rural love 》 Since then, no thanks, big foot , Like the familiar Liu Neng actor Wang Xiaoli 、 Wang Tianlai plays little Shenyang 、 And Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu Qiu mourned her little aunt Yu Yuexian in various forms , Liu Liu also wrote that he could not accept , It's a shock . in addition , Zhang ziyi 、 Wu Tong and other first-line stars and directors also sent a document to mourn Yu Yuexian , just 《 Rural love 》 Officials also sent a document to mourn .

however , After the death of Yuexian , Found by netizens , Some webmasters came to Ivory mountain Dajiao supermarket to broadcast live , It has been resisted and questioned by many netizens , There is no lower limit for the alleged rubbing heat , Netizens shouted many times to let it broadcast , however , Several netizens ignored , Many netizens were shocked .

From the live content , Several netizens mainly broadcast live at the gate of Dajiao supermarket , Show you around , Popularity reached 8 All around , Some netizens pointed out that consuming the dead , Stop broadcasting , Even more egregious , During the live broadcast , Some netizens also said and laughed , It's unacceptable . Last , In the denounced voice of the majority of netizens , The network was finally broadcast .

about , Miss Yu Yuexian suddenly left , For Zhao family class, it is undoubtedly another great loss , Over the years , Zhao Jiaban also lost many generals , That year , Zhang Xiaoguang, one of Uncle Benshan's proud disciples, also died in a car accident , Let a person sigh .

not long ago , Zhao Benshan appeared 《 Liu Lao root 5》 Startup site , Looks in a good mood , Now , Yu Yuexian suddenly left , It is undoubtedly another major blow to Uncle Benshan , From Gao Xiumin to Yu Yuexian , Relatives who have worked together for many years leave , No one can accept .

No matter what , I still hope Mr. Yu Yuexian will go all the way , I also hope some online celebrities don't rub the heat again , From coat brother to Ramen brother , Then to the recent Olympic champion Quan hongchan , Some online celebrities have no bottom line for traffic , I still hope to see more positive energy .

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