Famous actor Yu Yuexian: died suddenly in a car accident, leaving grief and heartbreak to her husband

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famous actor yu yuexian died

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Yu Yuexian

2021 year 8 month 9 Japan , Popular actress Yu Yuexian and her party are filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Due to excessive speed , Hit a camel and caused an accident , Yu Yuexian died tragically in a car accident , Years old 50 year .

2006 year , Yu Yuexian plays 《 Rural love 》 Medium spicy 、 enthusiastic “ Thank you ”, Become a first-line actress . Over the next ten years , She starred in 《 Rural love 》 series 、《 A man will marry at forty 》《 Green mountains, green waters and red days 》《 The altar of life 》《 Brother with a foreign name 》《 Red days 》《 My silent world 》 Wait for dozens of film and television dramas , Have obtained “ Huading Award ” Best actress in country theme category, etc .

Yu Yuexian's sudden death , Left grief and heartbreak to relatives and husbands ……


Yu Yuexian 1971 Born in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia , Father is a teacher , Mother is a worker . Yu Yuexian is the eldest daughter of the family , There are two sisters and a brother . Her two sisters jointly opened a ramen chain store in Chifeng , The sisters... Every morning 4 Get up at seven to make noodles , Life is not easy .

Yu Yuexian and her brother

Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's brother 8 At the age of, he suffered from a strange disease , The spine bends section by section ,18 At the age of, Yu Yingjie's spine reached 174 degree , Internal organs are severely squeezed and deformed . The doctor predicted : Even if yu Yingjie doesn't have high paraplegia , The life span is only two years .

Yu Yuexian persevered in treating her brother , After several operations , High medical expenses , Yu Yingjie finally stood up again .2010 He married Yingjie in , And had two daughters , Now he is the assistant of Liu Shuangping, the art director of Benshan media .

Yu Yuexian was lively and beautiful when she was a child , Can sing 《 Red light 》《 Shajiabang 》 Such model play , When my mother worked in the workshop of the factory , She often performs for her aunts .

Yu's mother has a colleague's relative in the acrobatic troupe , She suggested that Yu Yuexian learn acrobatics . Mother took Yu Yuexian to the acrobatic troupe for an interview , I was admitted . But Yu Yuexian's father firmly opposed , I think it's too dangerous to practice acrobatics , I'm worried that my daughter will fall off the wire rope and die .

In his early years, Yu Yuexian

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