After Yu Yuexian's death, Zhao Benshan's daughter stopped broadcasting indefinitely. The cause of the car accident has been found out and the stars mourned

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8 month 9 Japan , stay 《 Rural love 》 As “ Thank you ” The famous actor Yu Yuexian died , At the age of 50 year . It is reported that , Yu Yuexian had a car accident while filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Finally, he was declared dead because of his serious injury .

According to a local police report ,9 Early morning 3 when 30 about , Yu Yuexian took SUV The vehicle collided with two camels on the road , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

After Yu Yuexian's death , It has aroused the concern and mourning of many netizens . period , Zhang ziyi 、 Sun Qian 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Xiong Ziqi 、 Xin Zhilei and many other stars who have cooperated with Yu Yuexian have also sent messages to mourn .

Zhang Ziyi in addition to sending a document “ It's agreed that the future will be long ?” outside , Also specially drying out the past chat records with Yu Yuexian . content , stay 2017 In, Yu Yuexian finished the variety show 《 The birth of an actor 》 after , Specially sent a message to tell Zhang Ziyi that she was happy to know her and Liu Ye .

In addition to the above stars , The actor of Benshan media, Xiao Shenyang 、 Wang Xiaoli 、 Ya dan'er and others also mourned in their own ways “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian .

Wang Xiaoli wrote sadly in his post :“ I really can't accept such a departure , Dear aunt , Dear Bigfoot , All the way walk good .” Son of a bitch 、 In addition to sending a document, Xiao Shenyang , All specially released a group of photos of Yu Yuexian before his death to mourn , It's not hard to see. , The actors of Benshan media have a good relationship with Yu Yuexian .

according to the understanding of , Yu Yuexian graduated from the Central Academy of drama , In his early years, Zhao Benshan was preparing a TV play 《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian was invited to perform , And with “ Thank you ” It's a household name . In addition to the cooperative relationship between Yu Yuexian and Zhao Benshan , They are still relatives . Because Zhao Benshan's second wife Ma Lijuan and Yu Yuexian are cousins .

in addition , It is worth noting that after Yu Yuexian's death , Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu not only deleted the recent live broadcast preview , And also specially sent a document to inform fans “ It won't start broadcasting during this time , Thank you all for your understanding and support , The specific broadcasting time will be notified separately .” undoubtedly , The Zhao Benshan family are also very sad because of Yu Yuexian's death .

In addition to Zhongxing and Zhao Benshan's family , Netizens also left messages under the last social platform video of Yuexian , Some netizens wrote “ No thanks, big foot , Yu Yuexian walked all the way !” Besides , It is not difficult to see from Yu Yuexian's last video , Yu Yuexian, born in Inner Mongolia prairie, is very attached to her hometown , And many of her videos are devoted to promoting her hometown , Praise your hometown .

Although Yu Yuexian died regretfully , But after all, she left herself in the grassland she loved all her life , Maybe the grassland is also her most desirable destination . Wish Yu Yuexian a good journey !

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