Or use the latest information of Tesla semi with wireless charging technology

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use latest information tesla semi

[ Car home   New energy ]  In recent days, , According to foreign media reports , stay 2021 Tesla revealed on the second quarter earnings call , Due to battery constraints and supply chain bottlenecks , The brand's first pure electric truck Semi The release plan may be postponed to 2022 year . however ,ldeanomics subsidiary WAVE Introduced a very fast charging system , The system can be Semi Provide 500kW and 1MW The charging power of , And no cables are required 、 wire , It can be directly implanted into the road , No need to plug in to provide power .

 Car home

according to the understanding of , Tesla's first pure electric truck Semi The overall shape looks very tall and powerful , The shape of the front windshield and the shape of the headlight create a sense of science fiction . Besides , The car may be equipped with 10 A camera , this 10 Camera configuration information is included in Tesla HW3.2 Autopilot chip .

 Car home

 Car home

『WAVE Contents of documents issued by the company 』

According to foreign media ,WAVE The company emphasizes that the high-speed charging system will provide 1.5MW The charging power of , And in 30 Charge to in minutes 80%. Besides , tesla Semi The maximum range is 500 miles ( about 805km, Unpublished test standards ). When the vehicle is unloaded 0-96km/h The acceleration time only needs 5 second , In load 36 In the case of tons , 0-96km/h The acceleration time of is 20 second . More reports about new cars , Autohome will continue to focus on .( Source :teslarati; writing / Car home Cai Sizhuo )

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