Official announcement! 2021 Auto Home 818 global auto night shift

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official announcement auto home global

[ Car home   information ] Jointly built by auto home and Hunan Satellite TV “2021 Car home 818 Global car night ” Today's official announcement ! Set gear 8 month 18 Japan 19:30. As the first auto Theme Party of Auto Home , This year's global car night is “ The number one engine , Achieve perfect love engine ” The theme of , Gather global fans “ Qing Dynasty ” people , Show them and “ Love car ” Between Love of “ Qing Dynasty ” The story , A wonderful car Carnival Party is about to start ! 

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Top technology interweaves with humanistic feelings , Build a super market in the automotive industry IP A grand ceremony

As a leader in the automotive Internet industry , Pioneered and launched rim super for three consecutive years IP――818 Global auto Festival .“818” It's not just a national car buying feast , It is also a carrier of cross-border Marketing 、 Car culture 、 Industry exchanges 、 Annual festivals with multiple connotations such as technology exhibitions . After three years of precipitation ,818 The global auto Festival has also been highly recognized by the auto industry , This year there is a total of 40 Customers of several brand manufacturers , Tens of thousands of dealers 、 Second hand car dealers are deeply involved , Get through the industry link , Jointly create a charming rim Carnival .

As 818 The climax of the global auto Festival ,8 month 18 The car house and Hunan Satellite TV jointly built “2021 Car home 818 Global car night ” Rekindle surprise , By integrating cars 、 entertainment 、 Culture 、 Cross border marketing of multiple elements such as art , Build the automobile industry “ Breaking circle ” Super IP. Netizens download car home APP You can watch the live broadcast of the party , Hunan Satellite TV and mango TV、 Youku video website will also broadcast simultaneously .

《 Heart pounding again 》 The gold medal team wields knives ,N A big show presents the night of love

“2021 Car home 818 Global car night ” The new theme is ――“ The number one engine , Achieve perfect love engine ”. The party will interpret the various emotional relationships between cars and people , Panoramic display of the advanced development achievements of contemporary China's automobile industry , Bring immersion to the audience 、 A futuristic audio-visual experience of light and shadow .

It is worth mentioning that , The party was conducted by Xu Qing studio, the gold medal production team of Hunan Satellite TV . before , Xu Qing's studio has created 《 Heart pounding again 》、《 A clever detective 》、《 Near the border 》 And many popular original variety shows and 《2018 Happy China ・ Love song Club 》、《2017 Scholarly China Party 》 And many other types of high-quality parties .

As a gold medal team engaged in TV literary and artistic creation , Xu Qing studio will use a series of wonderful trendy performances and creative shows , around 5 Great perfect love engine advocates 、7 Round release 、 N The perfect stage show presents the perfect love engine night in three dimensions . Cyberpunk style dazzling dance beauty brings the ultimate sensory experience , Many stars The clouds ignite the hot atmosphere , Convey moving emotions in ordinary stories , This carnival night in the auto industry will surprise the audience again .

Pay tribute to the exclusive car industry event made in China , The number one welfare, the whole audience “ Don't brake ”

Facing the economic downturn 、 Repeated epidemics and many other challenges , The global auto market is still in a period of deep adjustment . Seek development in the epidemic , Start a new game in the changing situation , China's auto industry relies on its own super toughness to hand over obvious “ High score papers ”. The party will also focus on China's automobile industry from “ Made in China ” towards “ Created in China ” Development process of , Invite car reviewers 、 collectors 、 Designers and other enthusiasts from different automotive fields , Share their warm stories with cars , And their perception of new developments in the automotive industry , Convey to the audience the self-confidence and pride of building a scientific and technological power , To present the audience with a sense of cutting-edge technology 、 Lea