"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian's car accident was exposed, or he was anxious to participate in the activity, resulting in the driver's fatigue driving

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Reading guide : The reason for Yu Yuexian's death is public , Collided with two camels at three in the morning , Cause serious injury

8 month 9 Japan , a 《 Country love story 》 One of the stars in “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian , There was a car accident in Inner Mongolia , The news of his accidental death due to serious injury , It caused a heated discussion among netizens .

The first thing that comes into view is the film of netizens “ Don't believe ”, I think this is “ Make fun of ”.

With the official disclosure of the reasons for Yu Yuexian's death , He said he had a car accident with two camels at 3 a.m , Cause serious injury , To die or die , This can not help but make Netizens feel sorry , After all, Yu Yuexian is just full 50 year .

Her friends, including her former friends, also mourned , I can't accept such a fact for a while , Especially Little Shenyang , It's even more useful “ mother's youngest sister-aunt ” Call Yu Yuexian , Tearful posting , Wish her a good trip .

The second reason is Yu Yuexian's car accident , Put aside the official “ The accident is under further investigation ”, Yu Yuexian's two sisters have also rushed out of the place where the past happened , Netizens also feel that there are many doubts .

Because apart from Yu Yuexian's death , Other passengers and drivers on the bus were also injured to varying degrees , And the two camels that were hit died on the spot .

This can't help but make everyone doubt , What's the reason , Cause the driver to 3 Point to drive at such a fast speed ?

Regarding this , Some media specially contacted the director who had cooperated with Yu Yuexian 、 Actor Liu Liu (《 Rural love 》 As Liu big head ), First he looked unbelievable , Later, it was revealed that Yu Yuexian went out in the early morning , It's to go to Alashan to participate in the business show .

In the face of such a response , Netizens are talking about it , Some people speculate that Yu Yuexian may be in a hurry , Cause driver fatigue driving , But some netizens said , Said that the people in the car should not wear seat belts , Especially Yu Yuexian .

Look at Yu Yuexian again 4 The last video released days ago , I can't help but feel sorry .

The front foot is still singing happily 、 Picking mushrooms , Talking and laughing at the camera , And share your own ways to make mushroom sauce , The hind feet will be gone forever .

actually , There are not a few artists who died because of a car accident .

For example, the famous musician Zhang Yusheng was born in 1997 Died of a car accident in , Years old 27 Year old “ Xiang Fei ” Liu Danzai 2000 Died in a car accident in .

Including Hu Ge in 2006 The car accident in , Because the assistant “ Tired driving ” Lead to .

The reason is that Hu Ge rushed to Shanghai in a hurry 《 eagle 》 The cast , In addition, the assistant didn't have a good rest in those days , This led to the accident .

After the event , For this matter , Hu Ge didn't blame anyone , Instead, blame yourself .

In addition to donating dozens of hope primary schools as the late assistant and friend Zhang Mian , I also forgave the driver who was driving ( Also Hu Ge's assistant ) Little Kay , And said “ The whole world can blame him , But I can't ”, And continue to hire each other as their own driver .

From these bloody examples, it is not difficult to find , Driving a car 、 Riding safety is really very important , I also hope everyone can be vigilant , Keep an eye on yourself .

Especially star artists , Never for work , And dragging a tired body in a hurry , Think more about the safety of yourself and others , real “ Safety first ” Always keep it in mind .

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