Zhengzhou vehicle management office: Zero errands for wading scrapped motor vehicles

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[ Car home information ]  In order to speed up the rapid disposal of abandoned vehicles in the city's flood disaster , Minimize the property losses of the people , At the same time, reduce aggregation , Fight the epidemic with all your strength , The vehicle management office of Zhengzhou public security bureau simplifies the process of handling motor vehicle scrapping and cancellation , Launch flood scrapped vehicles “ Green channel ” service , For the masses “ Zero running ” Handle the cancellation of motor vehicle scrapping .

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Recently, some people urgently need to solve the problem of scrapping wading vehicles , The vehicle management office of Zhengzhou Public Security Bureau launched the motor vehicle cancellation business “ Zero running ” service , That is, the owner of damaged and scrapped vehicles only needs to call the motor vehicle recycling enterprise , The staff will go to the location of the vehicle and tow it for free . After cancellation of business , The recovery certificate and cancellation certificate will be mailed to the motor vehicle owner free of charge at the first time , Ensure that the owner of the damaged vehicle can dispose of the damaged vehicle and settle the claim in time . The whole process of mass business handling “ Zero running ”.

According to Shi Yi, director of Vehicle Management Office of Zhengzhou public security bureau ,2021 year 7 month 23 since , The police of Vehicle Management Office of Zhengzhou public security bureau went deep into the whole city 7 A motor vehicle scrap recycling enterprise , Work every day in the heat 10 More than one hour , Ensure that all damaged vehicles enter the site with , Random inspection , Ensure that the owner of the damaged vehicle can 、 Quickly dispose of damaged vehicles , At present, a total of scrapped motor vehicles have been inspected 5934 car .

After the outbreak , In order to reduce personnel gathering , The police of the vehicle management office of Zhengzhou public security bureau also went deep into the recycling enterprises one by one , For the scrapping of damaged vehicles concerned by the masses 、 Conduct on-site business training and guidance on vehicle business problems such as the use of old license plates , We have answered all kinds of vehicle business inquiries from the masses 50000 Remaining times .

On the old license plate of scrapped motor vehicles , The owner can according to the service life , Follow the steps below :

First, the original motor vehicle number plate has been used for less than one year , For the owner of the same motor vehicle ( Individual or unit ) Non operating vehicles with the same license plate under the name , You can apply for exchanging motor vehicle number plates between vehicles , The license plate number of the same vehicle can be changed once a year .

Pay attention to the handling order : Under the name of the owner of the motor vehicle 2 Vehicle and vehicle status is normal , We need to exchange license plates first , Cancel the registration of the damaged vehicle after ; If the damaged vehicle in the name of the motor vehicle owner has 2 More than ( contain 2 car ) And the old license plates are not fully used 1 Year of , The owner of the motor vehicle needs to purchase 1 After the car is licensed , Exchange according to the number plate , The order of canceling the registration of damaged vehicles shall be handled .

Second, the original motor vehicle number plate has been used for one year , Transfer of original motor vehicles 、 After cancellation or move out , The original number plate will be automatically retained for two years . What needs to be noted is , The use of the original license plate number requires the handling of road traffic safety violations and traffic accidents involving the original motor vehicle .

Due to the flood, the business related to motor vehicles will be automatically postponed , According to the measures of facilitating and benefiting the people in flood season launched by the traffic police corps of Henan Provincial Public Security Department :

First, the motor vehicle has not been inspected within the time limit 2021 year 8 Due in month , Reach the mandatory scrapping period and use the original license plate 2021 year 8 Due in , Extend to 2021 year 10 End of month .

Second, the traffic violations that have been adjudicated ,2021 year 7 month 20 In case of late fee in the future , After business recovery , Recalculate deadlines and scores ;2021 year 7 month 20 There is no overdue fine after the day , After business recovery , Normal payment , Recalculate deadlines and scores .

On the subsidy for motor vehicle scrapping : Zhengzhou local license plate damaged and scrapped in this flood ( Yu A Heyu V) Civil car , The owner himself can apply for subsidy for re purchasing the vehicle . When applying for scrapping and dismantling business to motor vehicle recycling and dismantling enterprises , Free of haulage charges . When handling the registration and licensing of new vehicles , Free of motor vehicle license plate fee 、 Cost of driving license and registration certificate . The purchase of new energy vehicles shall enjoy car purchase subsidies , Subsidies consist of basic subsidies and differentiated subsidies : The basic subsidy is per vehicle 5000 element ; The differentiated subsidy shall be implemented according to the driving years of damaged and scrapped vehicles , travel 0-3 year ( contain 3 year ) vehicle , The subsidy is 10000 element , travel 3-6 year ( contain 6 year ) vehicle , The subsidy is 8000 element , travel 6 More than years of vehicle experience , The subsidy is 5000 element .

Specific application process : First, from the date of policy release to 2021 year 9 month 30 During the day , The owner has obtained 《 Recycling certificate of end-of-life motor vehicles 》 and 《 Motor vehicle cancellation certificate 》.

Second, the car owner is 2021 year 12 month 31 A few days ago, the new car was purchased again and the unified invoice for motor vehicle sales was obtained , Complete the registration and licensing procedures in our city .

Third, car owners who buy new energy vehicles can pass “ Zheng haoban ”APP Upload the information required for application , At the same time, provide your bank account . After receiving the information , The subsidy fund will be in 15 Transfer to the bank account provided by the applicant within working days .( Source of information : Zhengzhou radio and television news client ; compile / Car home haohappy )

The list of enterprises for recycling and dismantling end-of-life motor vehicles in Zhengzhou is as follows :

One 、 Zhengzhou Sanlian scrap automobile recycling and dismantling Co., Ltd

Address : Zhoudong village, Jiayu Town, Xingyang city

Telephone :0371-86062398 Contacts : Wang Jin 13598892838

Two 、 Zhengzhou zhongyuanshang renewable resources Co., Ltd

Address : Middle section of Tianchen Road, Guodian Town Industrial Park, Xinzheng City

Telephone :0371-62511902 Contacts : Li Chengdong 13733176548

3、 ... and 、 Henan Zhonglian Renewable Resources Group Co., Ltd

Address : West of the intersection of Miqi highway and zhengdeng Expressway in Yuecun Town, Xinmi City 500 Milunan

Telephone :0371-65526928 Contacts : Sun Yongwei 13603846868

Four 、 Henan Fuxing waste material recycling Co., Ltd

Address : Yaojia Town, Zhongmou County, Zhengzhou city S223 to the east of

Telephone :0371-62191729 Contacts : Qin Qi 13673669691

5、 ... and 、 Henan Jintu scrapped motor vehicle recycling and dismantling Co., Ltd

Address : Circular economy industrial park, Donghua Town, Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou city

Telephone :0371-56708066 Contacts : Gouqing River 19138126032

6、 ... and 、 Zhengzhou ruikeli renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd

Address : Group 8, Gegou village, Pingmo Town, Xinmi City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province

Telephone :0371-89831666 Contacts : Chen Yongchao 15638559989 

7、 ... and 、 Dengfeng Yufeng renewable resources Recycling Co., Ltd

Address : Group 3, peitang village, Yingyang Town, Dengfeng City, Zhengzhou City, Henan Province 56 Number

Telephone :0371-62888886 Contacts : Wang Tianfeng 18137151888

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