Class 92 of Chinese Opera: Yu Yuexian, Liu Dan died in a car accident, Huang Haibing was down, and Guo Tao had a good harvest in his love career

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8 month 9 Japan , There is media coverage , stay 《 Rural love 》 As “ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian, a leading actress, died in a car accident , At the age of 50 year .

This sudden bad news shocked the whole network , Many stars in the entertainment circle also sent messages to mourn , Among them is Yu Yuexian's old classmate Huang Haibing .

Huang Haibing wrote a document recalling the little bit between Yu Yuexian and her , The green years of learning together 、 The struggling years of filming together , He couldn't believe the news of his old friend's sudden death , Even sad to “ Hands are shaking ”, It's tearful to read .

One is the old man God , A rural woman who plays the role of grounding , It seems that the two people who can't hit eight poles are classmates , Many netizens were surprised .

I have to mention the performance Department of the Central Academy of drama 92 Class , There are more unexpected students in this class , For example, Guo Tao 、 Liu Dan 、 Ma Liwen 、 Tian Qinxin 、 Hairy boy, wait , These young girls who went to school together , Now it looks like “ Dimensional wall rupture ” The feeling of , Their life paths are also very different .

Just as Hong died in a car accident

“ Thank you ” and “ Xiang Fei ” What it feels like to put it together , Anyway, we dare not think of it , In fact, these two were classmates , And also very coincidentally died in a car accident .

2000 year , Liu Dan plays 《 Princess huanzhu 》 A corner of the imperial concubine Zhongxiang is popular all over the north and south of the river , There should be no one who doesn't love that beautiful flower 、 The fragrant imperial concubine who is consistent in love .

At the beginning of her great future , Unfortunately, I was in a car accident , The whole person was thrown out of the car alive , To die or die , It has become the white moonlight in the eyes of all the audience .

However, I did not expect 21 After year , Her old classmate Yu Yuexian died for the same reason , It's really sad .

Once popular, but now no one knows

In fact, except Liu Dan , The Chinese opera in those days 92 Class has also produced many popular stars , For example, Huang Haibing and maohai .

Before Huang Haibing graduated from Chinese opera, he relied on 《 New book and sword record of gratitude and hatred 》 A corner of Chen Jialuo burst into flames , Later on 《 Foreign history of the Wulin 》 Play Shen Lang in , The beautiful ancient costume makes him have “ The most beautiful man in ancient costume ” The title of .

Then he filmed 《 Stories of the Wandering Hero 》、《 Biography of heroes in Sui and Tang Dynasties 》 And many other martial arts films , His amazing appearance made him very popular , It is the white moonlight in the hearts of many viewers .

Unfortunately, his later transformation failed , Participated in a lot of drama, but there was no water spray , Fame is also falling , Now we can only play the parents of men and women in some idol dramas .

In recent years, he has also frequently preached that he has become a middle-aged uncle , I also got the news of appearing in the fly Pavilion , Very different from the past .

Maohai is an actor in the drama troupe of the Political Department of the air force , Now the audience may be unfamiliar with him , But he was also very popular in those years , His works still look classic .

2004 year , The hairy child starred 《 The story of the cooking class 2》 And won the 16 The Golden Star Award for outstanding actor , His representative works also include 《 The story of the health team 》、《 The snowflake is floating 》, All are classics .

In recent years, hairy children have appeared in some works with the theme of poverty alleviation , It may not be very popular with today's young audience , As a result, the news gradually disappeared .

Career and family are in full bloom

Now the happiest , It should be Guo Tao and Lu Fang .

Guo Tao is a Chinese opera 92 One of the best artists in the class .《 Crazy stone 》、《 Parents love 》、《 Two families in Wenzhou 》 And many other classics , And with 《 Scorching sun 》 The film won the first 18 Best actor of the Shanghai Film Festival .

On the emotional side , Guo Tao and Xiao 15 Li Ran, my wife, got married 15 year , Feelings have always been very good , They have a son and a daughter . Guo Tao also took his son stone to a variety show 《 Where's dad going? 》, It has won the love of many audiences .

by comparison , You may not be familiar with Lu Fang , She is also an excellent drama actress , Currently working in Beijing People's Art Theatre , I've played in 《 teahouse 》、《 White Deer Plain 》、《 Antigone 》 And other classic plays .

Lu Fang has been working in the theater , It is understandable that the audience are not familiar with her , But everyone must be no stranger to her husband Hu Jun . They came together because they had mutual feelings in drama work , Now married 22 Years. , Also have a son and a daughter .

Hu Jun once took his son Hu Haokang to a variety show 《 Where's dad going? 》, One big, one small “ The hormone of walking ” Many viewers envy Lu Fang , Now she has a good harvest of career and love .

In addition to the above inventory , Chinese opera 92 Class also produced Ma Liwen 、 Tian Qinxin, two famous directors , But they have long been behind the scenes , In recent years, there has been little relevant news .

Former classmates now look very different , However, it can also be seen from Huang Haibing's mourning for Yu Yuexian , The past of working hard together is still fresh in my mind 、 Unforgettable .

Finally, here we also wish Mr. Yu Yuexian a good journey !

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