At the age of 41, Dong Xuan had dinner late at night. She often invited mysterious men to get on the bus and held hands, but the other party responded coldly

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age dong xuan dinner late

8 month 9 Japan , The video of Dong Xuan having a late night dinner with her friends was exposed on the Internet .

This is from the Internet

She dressed low-key that day , Wearing a black package , Masks and hats are fully armed , I don't feel hot in summer . however 41 Year old Dong Xuan looks in good shape , Slim and slim , The skin is also very white and firm , Swan neck has outstanding temperament , It's not like being a mother at all .

Dong Xuan seems to have a good relationship with a tall man in black , After walking out of the store, he reached out and invited the other party to get on the bus , After the other party shook his head and refused, he even started to pull the man's arm .

But the man's attitude was cold , Just put aside Dong Xuan's hand , Dong Xuan didn't care , He also asked the assistant to send several boxes of things to the man , Men focus on their mobile phones , Didn't give the gift a look .

The identity of this man has made netizens talk about it , Dong Xuanzai 2003 With his first work 《 Snow Dragon 》 popular , Both beauty and acting , Especially good at martial arts , Valiant and unique temperament , Later on 《 Beginning of spring 》、《 Eight heroes 》 and 《 Puberty hits menopause 》 They have also achieved good results , It had a bright future .

But after marrying Gao Yunxiang and having children , Dong Xuan's life focuses on taking care of her family , However, Gao Yunxiang was exposed to cheating , In the end, the two were in 2019 Divorce in , Dong Xuan also officially returned to make money to raise children .

After the divorce, Dong Xuan did not disclose her new relationship , But there is a rumored boyfriend Su Xiaoding , The difference between the two 10 year , Once photographed hugging and kissing on the street , Recently, Su Xiaoding returned the dining car to Dong Xuan's crew for help .

The man in black this time should only be Dong Xuan's friend or relative , I hope her career will develop smoothly , Raise your daughter well .

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