Sudden accident! When Wu Jing was filming, he was suddenly attacked by mountain torrents, and many vehicles were trapped in the water. The scene was very dangerous

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sudden accident wu jing filming

The Tokyo Olympic Games came to a successful conclusion , China's Olympic athletes finally achieved “38 gold 32 silver 18 copper ” Our proud record , Such good grades , People all over the country are proud of these Olympic athletes , In this Olympic Games , Wu Jing, who did not participate in the competition, became “ The busiest person ”.

His series “ Chinese expression pack ” Popular network , It seems that every expression pack , Can properly express everyone's mood , The expression of netizens calling Wu Jing directly is really “ In time ”, I feel that there is no sense of disobedience in many games , A Tokyo Olympics ,“ Tough guy Wu Jing ” It has become a source of joy for everyone , I can't cry or laugh .

After the Olympic Games , Wu Jing once again attracted everyone's attention ,8 month 9 Japan , Wu Jing had an accident when filming , The scene looks breathtaking .

According to the photos of Wu Jing , He was filming a flash flood , The surging water rushed in , Fortunately, , All staff on site shall be evacuated safely , No casualties , But the flash flood came too suddenly , Some material vehicles have no time to evacuate , Almost all trapped in the flood , And the current is fast , The wheels of several heavy trucks were submerged .

Wu Jing squatted alone on the hillside , Watching a lot of material vehicles trapped in the water , A sad face .

See the mountain torrent photos exposed by Wu Jing , Many netizens call it breathtaking , Staff and many vehicles and materials are concentrated in a flat place , In case you don't evacuate in time , The consequences will be unimaginable , I'm afraid to think about it .

And for Wu Jing , It's not the first time , It can be seen from his post , During Wu Jing's filming outside , I have encountered such an emergency more than once , No matter how hard the conditions are , Still did not erase his professionalism , It's really a tough man .

Have to say , In serious filming , Wu Jing really hit a lot of traffic stars in the face . Now some stars live in dignity , I don't want to go where conditions are difficult , I don't want to play in person , I'm even tired of reciting my lines , So matting and doubles have become their usual tricks , And because of that , The quality of some domestic dramas is increasingly fooling the audience .

And down-to-earth like Wu Jing , A good actor who is willing to bear hardships , It can be said to be a clear stream in the entertainment industry , This is what an idol should look like .

But then again , The star's dedication to filming is certainly worthy of respect , But when shooting these dangerous scenes , We should pay more attention to personal safety .

It's just 8 month 9 On the day ,《 Rural love 》 Xie Dajiao's actor Yu Yuexian , Died in a car accident , At the age of 50 year . It is reported that after she finished shooting in Inner Mongolia , Take a bus , Because the vehicle is driving too fast , Hit a camel , So that there was a car accident , A tragedy .

Yu Yuexian's unfortunate death , It's hard for netizens to accept , Many artists in the circle also said they couldn't believe it , The accident was too sad , Everyone sent messages of condolences , Yu Yuexian walked all the way !

A good person suddenly disappeared , It's really heartbreaking , Or that sentence , In the face of accidents and disasters , Life is really fragile , So whether it's actors or ordinary people , Be sure to pay attention to your personal safety , There is only one life , If you lose it, you will never come back .

Regarding this , You have a lot of feelings ? Welcome to comment and discuss .

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