Witnesses exposed that the scene of Yuexian's car accident was too tragic: Camel viscera flew everywhere, and the surrounding areas had been blocked

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witnesses exposed scene yuexian car

8 month 9 Japan ,“ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Years old 50 year .

The police disclosed in the notice that , Yu Yuexian is 9 No. In the morning 3 when , ride SUV The vehicle collided with two camels on the road , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels died .

9 Friday night , An eyewitness interviewed revealed that , There was a brown Land Rover at the scene of the accident , The perimeter of the site has been blocked , Can't get close to , But you can see the internal organs of the camel flying everywhere , Witnesses said , Normal speed should not cause such an accident .

According to the local herdsmen , The location of the incident is close to the village , There are often camels crossing the road , During the day, camels basically wear them all the time , There have been a lot of car accidents , Locals know better about driving at night , If you know there are camels, go slowly , In the early morning, if the speed is fast , When the driver saw the camel, it was too late .

Besides , They said that after the camel was illuminated by the lamp , Will feel a blank standing in the original , This is very dangerous , But past drivers fell into some misunderstandings , Thought the camel was illuminated by a lamp , Will avoid .

before , Including Zhang Ziyi 、 Yellow Sea Ice 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Wu Tong and dozens of others mourned , It can be seen in the good popularity of Yuexian's life , And relatives , Zhao Benshan's daughter ball 、 Disciple Xiao Shenyang 、 My old partner Wang Xiaoli sent a document to send my aunt all the way .

Yu Yuexian killed two camels in the early morning , Let netizens question , What kind of speed , Will cause the death of both people and camels .

The reporter learned that , The incident highway is a two lane class II Highway , The design driving speed is 80km/h, Some netizens have reported , Camels are often killed by the road , And Alashan is “ Camel Township in China ”, existing 6 Ten thousand humped Bactrian camel .

according to the understanding of , There were four people in the car , Only Yu Yuexian was killed , The other three are being treated in the hospital , There is no danger of life .

After the accident , Yu Yuexian's brother 、 Sister in law and her husband rushed to the scene at the first time , They will meet in Inner Mongolia , Take Yu Yuexian home together .

Yu Yuexian's brother choked several times during the interview , What they are most worried about is that they are nearly 80 At the age of the mother , The whole family kept it from her , I dare not let her know that Yu Yuexian died , I'm afraid the old people can't accept , My mother is living in Yuexian's home in Beijing , I thought my daughter just went out to shoot .

Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong are college classmates , They are similar in age and no longer young , In order to save Yu Yuexian's brother's health , The best time to give up having children , Ten years ago, my brother got married and had children , Although they are relieved , But no plan to have children , So far, DINK , Later, Zhang Xuesong said frankly , If you don't have children , Just keep my brother-in-law as a child .

Yu Yuexian and his brother Yu Yingjie :

Yu Yuexian filmed in his hometown in Inner Mongolia , In order to promote the scenery of my hometown, I have sent documents many times , Her last circle of friends , Is to promote the willow orchids in my hometown , I was wearing a pink hat a day ago , Yu Yuexian, full of joy , Died because of a car accident , Let people sigh .

Good friend Liu Liu revealed , Yu Yuexian 9 Early morning 3 There was an accident at , I was participating in an activity in Alashan that day , The specific situation needs to be investigated by the traffic police .

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