Actor Yu Yuexian was in a car accident in the early morning. The witness said: Camel viscera were everywhere at the scene of the accident

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actor yu yuexian car accident

8 month 9 Japan , Net transmission 《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the role player of Xie Dajiao in the TV series, died in a car accident , Yangzi Evening News reporter confirmed the matter through Yu Yuexian's brother Yu Yingjie . According to the Public Security Bureau of Alxa Right Banner , The accident happened in 8 month 9 Early morning 3 when 27 branch , The driver Guo moulong drove the minibus to S228 Line 443 km 500 m ( Alashan Right Banner, Alashan League, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region ) traffic accident happened , Causing the passenger of the car to die at , Driver Guo moulong and two other passengers were injured .

Police report

8 month 9 Japan , Ziniu news reporter contacted a witness who passed near the scene of the incident . The witness said , There was a brown Land Rover at the scene of the accident , The perimeter of the site has been blocked , Can't get close to , But you can see the internal organs of the camel flying everywhere . According to the witness , Normal speed should not cause such an accident scene .

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Ziniu news reporter learned from a local herdsman in Alxa Right Banner , The incident section is close to the village , There are often camels crossing the road .“ There are basically camels on the road during the day , Then there have been many car accidents , Cars hit camels and cars hit cars .” Local herdsmen told reporters , Alashan Right Banner S228 Some sections of the highway have barbed wire to isolate vehicles and animals , But not all the way , It's common to meet camels crossing the road near the village .

Herdsmen told reporters :“ It's better for us to drive by ourselves at night , On this road, I know that camels will walk slower , Keep the vehicle speed within the controllable range . In the early morning event, if the speed is fast , When the driver sees the camel, it's too late . And generally hitting a camel won't be a big deal , After all, it's just an animal .”

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The herdsmen also said , Drivers who do not understand the habits of camels may also fall into some misunderstandings .“ Some drivers will think that the lights shine on the camel , Camels will avoid , But actually when the car light shines on the camel , It just feels white , Then stand where you are , This is also more dangerous .”

Ziniu news reporter learned that , At present, Yu Yuexian's brother and two sisters are going to the accident site to deal with relevant matters . At present, the other two injured in the accident are being treated , There is no danger of life , The cause of the accident is under investigation .

Yangtze Evening News / Purple bull news trainee reporter Chen Ran

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