There is no Xie Dajiao in the world. The famous actor Yu Yuexian died of a car accident at the age of 50

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8 month 9 Japan , I was in 《 Rural love 》 In a series of TV dramas “ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian , There was a car accident while filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately left the world , At the age of 50 year .

According to a person familiar with the matter , When Yu Yuexian was filming in Alxa, Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately, I had a car accident , Because the injury was too serious, the rescue was ineffective and died .

A reporter contacted Yu Yingjie, Yu Yuexian's younger brother, to understand the situation , The other party said he had just learned the news , The specific situation needs to be further understood . At present, he and his two sisters have rushed to the accident site , Handle the affairs behind Yu Yuexian .

Yu Yuexian was born in 1971 Inner Mongolia in , He graduated from the Chinese Opera Department and was born as an actor , Her first play was 《 The Book and the Sword 》, The hero of the play is Huang Haibing, a former popular student , They worked together later 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》.

However, Yu Yuexian's acting career is rather bumpy , Although one work after another , But it has never been famous . Until Yu Yuexian worshipped her cousin's brother-in-law Zhao Benshan as a teacher , In his works, he plays one main role after another , Gradually known by the audience .

Yu Yuexian's most famous role , is 《 Rural love 》 In a series of TV dramas “ Thank you ” 了 , She's hot 、 good 、 It's very loud . Play an important role in young people's marriage . The sales department she runs is a place for everyone's activities .

Because this role is very popular , So Yu Yuexian has been playing 《 Rural love 》, None of the thirteen were absent , This is “ Rural love ” Very rare in . Unfortunately, after Yu Yuexian's car accident , There is no more “ Thank you ” 了 ,

Many netizens heard the news , One after another expressed disbelief . A few days ago, she also updated her video of picking mushrooms on her personal social platform . At that time , Yu Yuexian's mental state is very good, picking mushrooms , While singing . I didn't expect that a few days later , That's what happened , It's fate that makes people .

May Yu Yuexian go all the way , There are no more cars in heaven .

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