"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. Four days ago, she was still sharing a video of picking mushrooms on the grassland

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

“ Thank you ” Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Four days ago, she was still sharing a video of picking mushrooms on the grassland

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8 month 9 Japan , Police informed actor Yu Yuexian of the car accident , Said Yu Yuexian had a traffic accident on the highway early this morning , After rescue, he finally died .

In fact, as early as noon, the media broke the news that Yu Yuexian died in a car accident when filming in Inner Mongolia , Then a reporter contacted Yu Yuexian's brother , I just got the news that the specific situation is unknown .

In the afternoon , Actor Liu Liu confirmed the news of Yu Yuexian's car accident ,“ I just got the news , During filming in Inner Mongolia , I don't know which play .”

Then many actors came out to mourn Yu Yuexian , This sudden bad news , Many netizens and fans who like Yu Yuexian can't accept it , After all, just four days ago , Yu Yuexian also shared a video of picking mushrooms on the grassland , The whole person is very happy .

Lament the impermanence of the world , It's only been four days , Once the one who made people laugh “ Thank you ”, Left this world forever , After that , We can only look at her works to miss her .

Yu Yuexian graduated from the Central Academy of drama , He is a serious professional actor ,2002 Shooting a police and bandit film 《 The altar of life 》 After that, he officially entered the performing arts circle , Then she came into contact with rural works .


2006 year , Yu Yuexian photographed 《 Rural love 》 First part , rely on “ Thank you ” The role won the audience's love , Yu Yuexian thought at first that this might be just a role in her acting career , Unexpectedly, this role almost accompanied her throughout her youth .

Yu Yuexian once said :“ I played the role of Xie Dajiao 14 year , Took part in the shooting 12 Ministry , about 600 Multi set , Everyone gave me applause and love, which is my encouragement and recognition .”

Yu Yuexian is very grateful for this role , Similarly, many viewers also thank her for playing this role , She plays Xie Dajiao , True to life , Kind but not cowardly , It is worthy of many people's love .

2010 to 2011 year , Yu Yuexian 《 Rural love 》 The show , Won the Huading award, the best actress in the rural theme category and the Huading award, the people's favorite top ten TV stars .

These two awards are enough to prove her position in the hearts of the people , Yu Yuexian's play and herself , It's not known by the so-called traffic now , She doesn't have those crazy fans .

There are only people who like her and the role she plays , The best compliment for an actor , Is that she can shape a role , A role that no one can replace .

so to speak , Yu Yuexian made Xie Dajiao , Xie Dajiao also made Yu Yuexian , The two are complementary .

Although Yu Yuexian is not a popular star , But after the news of her death , Many netizens spontaneously mourn her , Now , In fact, what many audiences want most is the real actor , Not those who don't even know what acting is .

There are some things , Once lost, I will miss the original beauty .


Looking back at Yu Yuexian's personal growth history , It's actually very bumpy .

Yu Yuexian was born in a son preference family , Although it is the first child in the family , But because it's a girl , Not valued since childhood .

She also has two sisters , Because the family has always been the idea of son preference , In fact, the three sisters have been unhappy since they were young , Grandma once said to them :“ Spilled water , Sooner or later it's someone else's .”

Yu Yuexian, who grew up in this cold living environment , Also have their own hobbies , She likes singing and dancing , Since childhood, I like to go to my cousin's house , Because there , She can learn her favorite dance .

But born in such a family , Her dream is not very supportive , Even when you mention it to your family , Will be scolded “ People who have lost their homes ”.

Yu Yuexian's literary and artistic road is very bumpy , Under pressure from home , After graduating from technical secondary school , She chose to be a local teacher .


Lies in the Moon Fairy 12 At the age of , My brother was born , He has been loved by his family since childhood , This is for their family , It's a great joy .

But I didn't think , Lies in Yuexian's brother 8 At the age of , But you have scoliosis , The disease is getting worse with age , The whole family is worried about his brother's disease , Look for doctors everywhere , Almost spent all the family savings , The money Yu Yuexian earns as a teacher every month is also used to fill the family .

The poor family is even worse , Although life is so , But Yu Yuexian never forgot her dream of becoming an actor , stay 21 At the age of , Yu Yuexian took the entrance examination of the Central Academy of drama .

This is for her , It may be the last chance , After all, at her age , Early marriages abound .

Yu Yuexian successfully passed the preliminary test , And went home to prepare for culture class , But this time , It's not her family who stopped her , It's the school she works for .

Yu Yuexian's school knew that she was going to get into the play , Strongly oppose , Even sent her to the school to see the gate , But this did not affect Yu Yuexian , She still studied in the mailroom 82 God , Successfully passed the culture exam .

But this time , The school kept pressing her file , Until the Chinese drama admissions office came to coordinate , Yu Yuexian successfully enrolled .


There will always be a rainbow after the wind and rain , Yu Yuexian met her current husband Zhang Xuesong , They are classmates , Because of the same interests, they came together slowly .

After graduation , They have also been living a relatively tight life , After all, I haven't become famous yet , The characters received are all running tricks , Naturally, the film pay is also very low .

When Yuexian was admitted to Chinese opera , Her cousin married Zhao Benshan , She also naturally became Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law .

But even if the acting road is difficult , She never asked Zhao Benshan to give her a chance , Yu Yuexian once said :“ I think if he thinks I'm incompetent , I will never ask him to take me , I eat on my own .”

Yu Yuexian made up her mind , We must be famous in the entertainment industry , Keep trying all kinds of roles .

stay 2000 In the year , Yu Yuexian's brother's illness has taken a turn for the better , Zhang Xuesong found Dr. Qiu Yong who came back from France , He is good at treating this kind of disease .

The doctor found , Things have changed , But what about the high cost , This burden once again weighed on Yu Yuexian , Under compulsion , Yu Yuexian took part in 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》, She plays a seductive role , This is what she doesn't like , But for his brother , She still chose to accept .

Final , The operation was successful , But after the operation, Yu Yuexian needs to spend a lot of energy to take care of , So at that time, Yu Yuexian decided not to have her own children .

For this idea , Zhang Xuesong accepted , He loves Yuexian , So believe in her choice , He also said :“ I want to raise my brother-in-law as a son .”


Childhood experiences may be incurable , But there will always be someone , Use his sunshine to shine on you , Let you out of the dark , Zhang Xuesong is the person in Yu Yuexian's life .

The sudden departure of Yu Yuexian , I believe the most painful thing is Zhang Xuesong , After all , They only have each other .

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