Before Yu Yuexian's car accident, she was marginalized in rural love, and Xie Dajiao became an advertising symbol

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yu yuexian car accident marginalized

8 month 9 Japan , Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Wang Xiaoli left a sad message : I really can't accept such a departure . and 《 Rural love 》 Officials sent a message of condolences :“ Immortal ” Man is dead , Such as “ month ” Chan Juan , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good .

《 Rural love 15》 Just finished 20 That's the bad news , For the planning 《 Rural love 16》 It's a blow , What if we deal with the role of Xie Dajiao ?

When Bi Chang got pregnant and Liu Xiaoguang had problems , Wang Xiaomeng and Zhao Si are arranged to study abroad , Disappeared one , Now Miss Yu Yuexian has left , What about Xie Dajiao , What about Bigfoot supermarket ? You can't be like Wang Tianlai played by Xiao Shenyang , If you don't give any explanation, it's gone .

Remember 《 Rural love 13》 in , Because of actor Wang Xiaoli's personal reasons , The role of Liu Neng was replaced by apprentice Zhao Mingyuan , When the news came out , Many old fans can't accept , And Li Ronghao said : Ye Qing Jie .

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