"Xie Dajiao" Yu Yuexian died in a car accident. At the age of 50, many stars mourned

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xie dajiao yu yuexian died

Accidents happen , Every man has his day ! Famous actress Yu Yuexian died in a car accident , Years old 50 year , Caused an uproar in the audience . It is said that , Yu Yuexian and his entourage unfortunately had a car accident while filming in Inner Mongolia , He didn't come back because of his serious injury . Later, the official media also confirmed the news , And said that Yu Yuexian's staff and family have rushed to the local area to deal with the follow-up matters .

Later, the official also informed Yu Yuexian of the cause of the accident and the specific details , Around 3 a.m. that day , Yu Yuexian took SUV The car collided with two camels on the road . Because the speed is too fast , Yu Yuexian was killed in the accident , The driver and other passengers were injured , Two camels who collided with their vehicles were also injured and died .

Yu Yuexian is an actor of Tianjin People's art , After graduating from technical secondary school, he stayed in school to teach , He was admitted to Chinese opera again , I played many costume roles when I was young , image 98 Version of 《 Water margin 》、《 Ma Da Shuai 3》、《 A man will marry at forty 》、《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Such drama , Yu Yuexian had a wonderful performance .

Later adopted 《 Country romance 》 in 「 Thank you 」 Your role became famous , It can be said that hard work brings happiness . According to the classmate's introduction, Yu Yuexian had a bad family since childhood , My brother has been seriously ill , As the eldest daughter, she lived very hard , Financial freedom has only been achieved in recent years . She has won 「 Huading Award for best actress in rural theme category 」、「 The sixth Huading award is the award of top ten TV stars loved by ordinary people 」. Yu Yuexian's last microblog is still sharing her participation 《 Ideals shine in China 》 Video of the seminar presentation .

After learning the news , Wang Xiaoli ( Lennon ) couple , Little Shenyang , Zhang ziyi , Zhai Tianlin , Xinzhilei , Director Wu Tong and others have issued documents , Send off Yu Yuexian in your own way .《 Rural love 》 No more goddess Xie Dajiao , Netizens have sent messages :「 There is no more love in the countryside 」.

《 Country love story 》 It is definitely one of the favorite life sitcoms for rural parents . The story is close to life , It seems to be everyone's life . Whenever night falls , The family finished dinner , Then gather around and watch country love , For young and old , All kinds of little baggage , It always inadvertently makes everyone laugh .

At least as 80 Confucian master after , I still like this TV play . From the countryside 1 To the countryside 15, Almost all of the original cast , But who ever thought of , That simple 「 Thank you 」 But an accident . A surprise , It's a pity , After all 1971 In, she , Still very young . Although Yu Yuexian has 50 year , But there were no children and a half girls under his knees , The main reason is that she is a DINK , Her husband's name is Zhang Xuesong , Also very willing to accompany Yu Yuexian to do DINK , The two of them have a deep relationship , Along the way , Accompany each other , Also very happy , But today, the bad news came , It's really hard to accept , Her husband is even more !

Yu Yuexian is also the cousin of Zhao Benshan's wife , Zhao Benshan is her cousin brother-in-law . So after the news of Yu Yuexian's death spread , Zhao Benshan's daughter Qiu deleted the video of live broadcast preview with her boyfriend , There's only... Left 8 month 2 Video before the th , And deleted all the previous passages , And so far , Ball is still deleting the corresponding live content , My aunt died by accident , It's impossible for the ball to continue the live broadcast in the future . And also sent a document to mourn his little aunt , Call her the big foot aunt of many people , But it's my aunt , May she be well in heaven .

We always think that the future will be long , But forget that things change , So we should cherish the people around us , You never know , Accident and tomorrow's first , And cherish it , Mr. Yu Yuexian walked well all the way , Thank you for the joy you have brought us !# Yu Yuexian died #

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