Yu Yuexian was killed when a car hit a camel. What other stars died in a car accident

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yu yuexian killed car hit

8 month 9 The morning of , There is shocking news , Yu Yuexian was in a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , I was killed .

Yu Yuexian is 《 Country love story 》 in “ Thank you ” Actor , Over the years , Because of Yu Yuexian's excellent acting skills , Let Xie Dajiao's distinctive character jump on the screen , This role is also known as the peak of her acting career .

Even if I haven't seen 《 Country love story 》, The name Xie Dajiao is also known to all ages , The fire went out of circle .

According to the official report , The cause of Yu Yuexian's car accident , yes 8 month 9 Early morning 3 spot 30 about , She took SUV Collided with two camels on the road , The driver and other passengers were injured , Yu Yuexian was killed , In addition, two camels died .

Many viewers asked why Yu Yuexian was still on the road at 3:00 in the middle of the night . The work and rest of performers are often disturbed by filming and other activities , It's normal to travel in the middle of the night .

(《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Still photos of Yu Yuexian )

3 Alxa at 1:30 is the time when the visibility is the lowest , Camels are slow-moving animals , It's huge , The driver may be in a situation of low visibility and burnout , Avoid it before you collide with it , Yu Yuexian's experience is really painful .

It is reported that while Yu Yuexian was filming in Inner Mongolia , Still promoting crops for local villagers , Yu Yuexian in the camera is wearing a red hat , Holding oversized potatoes and mushrooms , Warmly introduce local specialties . The beautiful heart is good at grounding , This is why Yu Yuexian has always been loved by the audience .

The first half of her life was not very good , Childhood was despised because of the family's preference for boys , After marriage, in order to treat his brother's disease , I have agreed with my husband not to have children , Stay with your family , Career success , When you can enjoy life , But encountered such an accident .

The car accident caused heavy casualties , Nine times out of ten, it's caused by too fast , in addition “ Tired driving ” and “ Don't wear your seat belt ” It is also an important factor in casualties caused by car accidents .

The entertainment industry is not just Yu Yuexian who has suffered such misfortune , In the past, several artists also died in a car accident .

《 Princess huanzhu 》 Xiangfei played by Liu Dan Not wearing a seat belt

2000 One day in , A fellow 《 Princess huanzhu 》 The cast , Zhu Hongjia 、 Lu Shiyu 、 Liu Dan drove to Shenzhen together .

At that time, although several actors were supporting actors , But because of their distinctive personality, they are deeply loved by the audience , The itinerary is also extremely compact .

Lu Shiyu, who plays Liu Qing, drives a vehicle on the highway , Suddenly hit the guardrail , Liu Dan, who slept in the back seat and didn't fasten his seat belt, threw out of the car .

Because the front two people are wearing seat belts and protected by airbags , Not much hurt , But the sleeping Liu Dan was thrown out directly , Caused severe brain injury , The rescue was ineffective .

Singer Zhang Yusheng Tired driving

Although Zhang Yusheng has gone , His songs have been sung so far .

1997 year 10 month 20 Early morning 2 when 50 branch , Zhang Yusheng's self driving vehicle , Hit a safety island in the middle of the road , All the trees on the safety island were knocked down , After knocking down the street lamp , The car rushed into the opposite lane and overturned .

The front of the convertible was completely destroyed , The broken windshield is all pressed against the driver's seat . The steel beam on the windshield is the fatal key to Zhang Yusheng's head .

After Zhang Yusheng was sent to the hospital, he was declared critically ill several times , But also fought against death 24 God , Died because of ineffective rescue of aspiration pneumonia .

It is reported that his itinerary that day was very tight , Still preparing music and other activities . Therefore, it is speculated that the traffic accident occurred due to fatigue driving .

《 Meteor garden 》 Ah Xiang's actor Xu Weilun No fault flag is placed

This girl with a sweet smile , I was in 《 Meteor garden 》 I played a Xiang in , After that, he also appeared in many idol dramas .

Xu Weilun relies on his appearance conditions and acting skills , Has gradually begun to contact the protagonist , It's the best time for your career , But in 27 At the age of , Her life came to an end .

Xu Weilun takes a car driven by an assistant , Lost control on the highway and collided with the inner guardrail , Pop up the original Lane across the shoulder and the middle of the outer lane .

Xu Weilun pressed the double flashing light , The assistant called the police , But no fault sign is placed outside the vehicle at a certain distance . Soon after, a large truck could not dodge and hit Xu Weilun's car , Xu Weilun was seriously injured and died ,2 Later death .

《 Blue fox 》 Liu Dan's actor Nie Xin Sleeping in the car

Nie Xin has shot many high reputation film and television dramas , Such as 《 Blue fox 》、《 Romance to the left, marriage to the right 》、《 Eagle flute fate 》、《 Happy mother-in-law and daughter-in-law 》 wait . He is good friends with many directors and actors in the circle .

2013 Nie Xin was filming 《 A home that will never fade 》 when , In a car accident , Serious damage to the spine , Once in danger , High paraplegia of limbs , After many rescues, he barely saved his life .

She struggled with surgical complications for more than a year , Finally, because I can't resist the pain , On 2014 year 6 month 30 Day died .

For more than a year , Many stars have given financial and spiritual support , She is also very optimistic and strong .

Members of the same car , Only Nie Xin was so badly hurt , Others are skin injuries . It turned out that her motor vehicle was collided by a retrograde vehicle , No one else was asleep , Only she fell asleep when she got on the bus because she was tired of filming , Be hit violently unprepared , Lead to the second 、 Severe dislocation of three cervical vertebrae .

Crosstalk actor Lausanne Drunk driving

This talented young man has brought us countless jokes . Young people may be strange to him , But in 90 years , He was a rising star in crosstalk , He has appeared on the TV screen for many times and won the praise of central vision , The future is bright .

1995 One night in , Lausanne had dinner with friends and family , After that, we went together KTV, During the dinner, Lausanne received a call , He got up angrily and left . I shouldn't have driven after drinking , However, we can see that Lausanne usually has a good amount of alcohol, and there were no drunk driving regulations at that time , Just let him go . Unexpectedly, this party was the last time Lausanne and his parents met .

After leaving the party , Lausanne hit a car parked on the side of the road and broke down , The car doesn't have any warning signs , Already drowsy Lausanne didn't notice , Hit it straight , Life ends in 27 year .

Conclusion :

Human life is very fragile , The fate of life is even more unpredictable . Not long ago, Yu Yuexian shared her happiness of picking mushrooms on the prairie on the Internet platform , Ridicule yourself as an old girl picking mushrooms ; Forward yourself to participate in 《 Ideals shine in China 》 The dynamics of the Seminar , Want to bring you more beauty …… Who could have expected to die suddenly .

Out of doors , Safety first ! Most fatal car accidents , And too fast 、 Tired driving 、 Not wearing a seat belt , These car accident warnings , I hope everyone can remember .

Finally, I wish actor Yu Yuexian a good journey , My family is sorry for the change .

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