The scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident was suspected to be exposed. Witnesses said that the camel's internal organs were hit and scattered everywhere

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scene yu yuexian car accident

At present, the police are still investigating the Yuexian car accident , The latest news from the media , The road section where Yu Yuexian encountered a car accident was in Alashan S228 Class II Road section area .

Everyone was surprised to hear of her death , Even Wang Xiaoli expressed doubts about this matter , He described the whole person as bad after hearing the news , My heart is so sudden that I can't calm down .

The current arrangements for the afterlife of Yuexian , And further implementation of the matter , With the help of Benshan media, Yu Yuexian's family has gone to the place where the past happened . Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong has arrived at the scene , Is preparing to join Yu Yuexian's sister-in-law .

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