Things change! 50 year old actor "Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident: he was gorgeous when he was young!

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things change year old actor

Life has degrees , Life is impermanent , Many accidents come quietly when we can't predict , Cherish every day , Be kind to everyone in your life , As long as you are happy , Why look at other people's faces and live , A gentleman does not stand under a dangerous wall , Life is your own , In the face of grief , Still work hard .

8 month 9 Signal , Famous actors “ Thank you ” The actor Yu Yuexian died unfortunately , because 《 Rural love 》, She is known by countless people , Filming in Alashan, Inner Mongolia this time , There was an accident because the speed was too fast , It caused her to be seriously injured , Unfortunately died , Yu Yuexian's brother said , He just got the news , In the past .

Yu Yuexian was born in 1971 year , It's an ordinary family in Inner Mongolia , As the head of the family , She is beautiful , Like singing and dancing , But in that closed town , But it is always regarded as not doing business , After school , She has a love of art , He was admitted to the Central Academy of drama , But after graduation, it is still an endless bitter day ,20 How old do you sleep in the basement , It's common to live in a warehouse , But efforts will eventually pay off ,1998 year , TV play 《 Gap 》 Find her , Let her play Chen Baoguo's wife , Since then, she has opened the road of her life .

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