Because of playing "Xie Dajiao", he became popular all over the country. Today, he hit a camel by car and caused a car accident. Unfortunately, he died!

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playing xie dajiao popular country.

According to the media ,《 Rural love 》 In the series “ Thank you ” One role player Yu Yuexian , On 8 month 9 He passed away on April 15 .

According to the notice of Alxa Right Banner Public Security Bureau , On the day of the incident, a traffic accident occurred when Yu Yuexian took a minibus to the local area , Cause Yu Yuexian to die .

Later, the investigation found that , The vehicle collided with two camels on the road , The accident caused Yu Yuexian to die on the spot , Two others were injured .

Yu Yuexian is a very excellent actress , He is also a partner of famous actor Zhao Benshan , Because of his role in 《 Rural love 》 Series of works are popular all over the country .

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