Yu Yuexian: Xie Dajiao died in a car accident in Inner Mongolia. Recalling the classics of the past, people can't believe it

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yu yuexian xie dajiao died

In recent years, with the rapid development of society , Nowadays, many traffic stars emerge in endlessly , However, in such a highly competitive society , Some people want to stand out from the film and television industry and entertainment industry , It's not enough just to rely on your appearance , The acting skills of the strength school are the most important .

For many dedicated actors , What I pursue all my life is to be worthy of myself , Worthy of the audience , For every play I see , Every role played , Do your best , What you can show , It's all shown in this role and character .

It is precisely because of the spirit of the actors , Therefore, it has left an indelible impression in the eyes of the public , For many people, there are classic film and television characters that can't be forgotten in childhood , When a character really comes to your heart , That shows how active the character is .

Today, 00 They have grown up since , For most people , Everyone has his own childhood memories , I don't know if you still remember watching it with your parents in your childhood 《 Rural love 》? Speaking of this film and television play, it is an indelible classic in everyone's heart , With the increase of age, the series of this series has become more and more , Some of the classic characters are like Liu Neng 、 Zhao si 、 The characters of Xie Guangkun and Xie Dajiao are deeply rooted in the hearts of the people .

For many people 《 Rural love 》 It's their childhood , It's their memories , Xie Dajiao's enthusiasm from ivory mountain villagers is even more likable , However, today, a sudden news broke many people's childhood memories , Because on such an ordinary day as today , Xie Dajiao's sudden death has become an unacceptable thing for many people .

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