Yu Yuexian, the actor of "Xie Dajiao", died of an accident due to excessive speed. He was only 50 years old

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yu yuexian actor xie dajiao

Just this morning , A reporter released a sad news , Have acted in 《 Rural love 》 Ms. Yu Yuexian had a car accident in Inner Mongolia , Unfortunately died .

After the news came to light , Immediately attracted everyone's attention , Although Mr. Yu is not a very high traffic female star , But what she plays “ Thank you ” One corner is really impressive . According to a person familiar with the matter , She was in Inner Mongolia that day to shoot a new play , But in the process of going out, because the driver drives too fast , That's why there was an accident .

For many viewers , Everyone from 《 Rural love 》 She was recognized in the play , But in fact, before that, she also played a lot of plays . She graduated from the Central Academy of drama , Is a professional actor , In the 1998 edition 《 Water margin 》 among , She plays “ Jin Cuilian “, After entering the industry , She has also shot many TV dramas with different themes .

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