BYD dolphin, a new energy, will be officially pre sold on August 13, with a pre-sale price range of 110000-130000 yuan

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byd dolphin new energy officially

In recent days , According to BYD official news , BYD's new model Dolphin will be launched in 8 month 13 Official pre-sale on the th , The pre price range is 11-13 Ten thousand yuan .

It is reported that , This new car is not only the first to be used “ Marine Aesthetics ” Model of design concept , At the same time, BYD e platform 3.0 The first model of .

BYD Dolphin will focus on young fan , Dolphin adopts BYD's new brand logo . In appearance , BYD dolphin is created by the design team led by BYD global design director Edgar , Adopted “ Marine Aesthetics ” New design concept , Many design details are cleverly integrated into the various forms of marine life , Both strength and speed , Highly recognizable . The front face of the new car is equipped with a closed grille , The overall body shape is very round .

interiors , The interior of the new car adopts a lot of soft curves , Like a fluid , Built in adaptive rotatable suspension central control Pad. Official expression , New car speaker cover 、 The design inspiration of the defrosting air outlet of the window comes from the ripple of the water .

Recently, BYD officially released the theme naming of five color matching styles of dolphin models , Puff powder 、 Surf blue 、 Honey orange 、 Rustling green 、 Sparkling blue .

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