Vehicle management office: these cars can't be licensed after they are bought! The friend who bought the car noticed

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Everyone pays great attention when buying a car , But even if many people choose it seriously , There will still be problems , In addition to quality and formalities , When buying a car, you should also pay attention to whether you can get a license plate , If you choose your car carefully, you can't get a license plate , Isn't that particularly disturbing ?! Now I'll popularize it for you , I hope you all know something , Pay more attention when buying a car .

automobile VIN The code is inconsistent with the frame number

Just like each of us has our own ID card , Cars also have their own VIN code (VIN It's English Vehicle Identification Number Abbreviation of vehicle identification number ). Common cars VIN The position of the code ; Normally, it is on the left side of the instrument panel , The lower left side of the windscreen , Or fixed to the door hinge column 、 Door lock pillar 、 Or on one of the door edges connected with the door lock column , Or it is fixed on the inside of the door close to the driver 、 And in the engine compartment

Without certificate

Automobile certificate is an important certificate of automobile , It is also a necessary certificate for the car to go to the house , Only vehicles with certificates can meet the national requirements for the quality of motor vehicle equipment and relevant standards , A car without a car certificate cannot go through the license formalities .

Cars from the third and fourth countries

It's the car of country 3 and country 4 , Because of the implementation of the five national standards , As a result, these cars cannot be licensed and transferred , But these cars are usually used cars , I see a lot in the used car market , So owners who want to buy second-hand cars can consider .

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