A year "income" 25 million, known as the most profitable camera, eventually unemployed, owner: it should have been so long ago!

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year income million known profitable

With more and more cars on the road , The supervision of car owners is becoming more and more difficult , After all, the police force of the traffic police is limited , It's impossible to have enough police in every place , In order to strengthen the supervision of road traffic , Ensure the travel safety of car owners , All kinds of high technology began to be applied , One of the most typical is the delivery of capture cameras . A year “ Income generation ”2500 ten thousand , The so-called most profitable camera eventually lost his job , The owner : It should have been !

The release of the capture camera can be said to greatly alleviate the pressure of the traffic police , Just after capturing the illegal vehicle , After a simple review, the car owners can be punished , It can be said that it effectively ensures road traffic safety , We often see this kind of capture camera when we walk on the roads of the city , In fact, it's not just urban roads , Even many national highways and even highways are full of cameras , So you want to break the rules without being found , It's hard to do , In principle , This kind of capture camera has deterred those illegal car owners to a great extent , Protect the safety of law-abiding car owners , Car owners should be grateful , However, there is one exception .

This place was once famous “ Shenhai expressway ”, The completion of Shenhai Expressway directly runs through the South and north of China , It's not too much to describe it as an important traffic road , However, after the completion of Shenhai expressway, there has been constant scolding , Very bad reputation , The reason is because of the wonderful markings of this section .

It's normal for everyone to drive on the highway for a few hours , So you need to take a break from time to time , A server will be built every dozens of kilometers on the expressway for car owners to rest , However, it's not so easy to rest on Shenhai Expressway , A long way before entering the service area , All painted with white solid lines , The most important thing is that there is a camera above the solid line , That is, as long as you enter the service area , Then it will be pressed to the solid line , When you press the solid line, you will be captured , One shot is to buckle 3 Fractional punishment 200 element , Even old drivers may not be able to avoid , Novice drivers and drivers who are not familiar with the road, let alone .

Based on estimation , With this white line and camera, the highway can achieve more than... Every year 2500 Ten thousand “ Income generation ”, Known as the most profitable camera , The total deduction is 37 Thousand times , This shows how many car owners have been fined by this camera ,“ earn ” How much did it cost , Not enough. There's good news recently , That's Shen Hai expressway “ Income generation ” Millions of people are unemployed . Because of being reported by too many car owners , Coupled with the attention of some mainstream media , The local traffic control department removed the camera in this place , In other words, when car owners come here, they can rest assured and boldly go in and have a rest .

In addition to removing the camera , Unreasonable markings on the ground have also been rectified, and the original solid line has been changed to dotted line , Many people wonder why there is a solid line here , Isn't this forcing others to break the rules , In fact, the original intention of setting this line is good , Because the traffic in this place is relatively large , To prevent congestion , Achieve the purpose of diversion , Just set this solid line , However, in the actual use process, it brings great inconvenience to car owners , Then I decided to withdraw , Car owners also call directly when they see here , It's time to remove it .

So for this camera , What do you think ?

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