Maximum 279 horsepower, breaking 100 in 6.2 seconds

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maximum horsepower breaking seconds

In the car world , When it comes to luxury cars , It's not just a lot higher in price , Also in terms of the comfort and stability of the vehicle interior , It has something that other cars can't compare . Like a BMW 、 Mercedes , It's like Volvo 、 Second tier luxury brands like Lexus , Only through price reduction and BBA competition , The car we want to introduce today is the most popular car of the brand in China , It's Cadillac ATS—L

appearance , Highly recognizable Cadillac design style , Big shield cover small shield air inlet grille and brand LOGO, Through a large area of line design , Highlight the sense of movement . On the side of the car , Although the wheelbase is longer , But it still looks compact . The rear of the car also adopts the design style of shield , Dynamic and compact .

Body size , The length, width and height are respectively 4730*1825*1426mm, The wheelbase 2860mm, With BMW 3 system , audi A4L It's still very competitive .

On the interior , The car is wrapped with soft materials , Standard American style , And equipped with wood grain veneer , Enhance the high-end feeling , As a luxury brand , Comfort comes first , The comfort of sports seats is still very high ,8 Inch center control screen , coordination 8 individual BOSE sound , Plus active noise reduction tires and engines , Tranquility is also good , It also comes with 10 airbag .

In terms of power performance , Standard configuration 2.0T Of L4 The engine , matching 8AT, Maximum 279 horsepower , Peak torque 400N, As one of the top ten engines in the world ,6.2 The result of breaking 100 seconds is very excellent .

source : Bai Yunting

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