All the dark horses in the auto industry are here. Who is your dish?

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dark horses auto industry here.

changan UNI-T

The guided :11.39 ten thousand -13.39 Ten thousand yuan

The progress of Changan Automobile this year is obvious to all , changan CS75 Almost took Harvard H6 Pull into the water , And Chang'an UNI-T His performance is even more amazing , Especially qualified appearance , It can be called a mass production car most like a concept car ! Don't think this car is a vase , This car has joined all the high-tech technologies of Chang'an Automobile ,TINNOVE Intelligent system is one of them , Full of sense of technology . In terms of power, the blue whale NE 1.5T The engine , The thermal efficiency is as high as 40%, And the maximum power has reached 180 horsepower , The power performance is not bad , The fuel consumption is gratifying , The comprehensive fuel consumption per hundred kilometers is only six , It has completely reached the level of new energy vehicles , This must be praised !

Ford explorer

The guided :30.98 ten thousand -39.98 Ten thousand yuan

Despite Ford's average performance in China in recent years , But since last month , Sales rose 30%, It seems that the impact of three cylinder fox has passed , And the appearance of the Explorer made Ford feel , This year Ford SUV Domestic sales increased year-on-year 68%, Especially the Ford Explorer , It has won the honor of medium and large-scale SUV Sales champion , It can be said to have given Ford a shot in the arm . The price of domestic cars , High-end SUV The enjoyment of , Only the Ford explorers did ! Although this car is only more than 300000 , But the competition is Cadillac XT6、 BMW X5、 audi Q7 Models such as , The same quality , Less price , Don't Ford explorers smell good ? So the explorer's success is inevitable !

Wuling macro light MINI EV

The guided :2.88 ten thousand -3.88 Ten thousand yuan

Wuling is definitely the biggest dark horse , Wuling Hongguang Buick GL8 Become a millennium dick . And Hongguang MINI EV Appearance , Tesla, the champion of new energy sales, was dismounted ,MINI EV Appearance , Turn Tesla into a millennium dick !MINI EV With ultra-low price and stable quality, it has become the king of sales as soon as it is listed , tesla Model 3 Can only accept this reality , Silently love Tesla for a second . No way out , More than 20000 to buy a new energy vehicle , No one can resist its temptation !

audi RS4 Avant

The guided :81.28 ten thousand

Want a station wagon , Also want motivation ? So Audi RS4 Avant It can definitely meet your requirements , Although this car is a station wagon , But the appearance and modeling are very popular , Definitely the most grumpy “ Tile truck ”! Why do you say that ? The reason is simple , It uses a 2.9T V6 Twin turbocharged engines , Maximum power is reached 450 horsepower , Match up quattro Four wheel drive system , Break a hundred just 4.1 second , This performance is completely up to Porsche 911 The level of ! When you meet this car, don't be confused by its appearance , It can be said to be a typical pig eating Tiger , A bit careless , You can only see its tail light , This is also one of the most concerned performance cars this year !

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