The appearance is fashionable and atmospheric. The configuration of BMW X5 low configuration version is not kind

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appearance fashionable atmospheric. atmospheric configuration

The most interesting spy photos of new cars in recent days are non domestic BMW X5 Perhaps judge of particulars, , The new car is expected to be 2022 In domestic , And the wheelbase is lengthened , The riding space will be greatly improved .

Of course , Lengthening the wheelbase is bound to affect the handling , So if you pursue ride comfort, wait for the domestic extended BMW X5 It's more appropriate , But if you pursue control , Or cash import version X5 More appropriate .

recently , The author is here 4S The store actually photographed BMW X5, The specific model is xDrive 30i Design suit , The official price is 69.99 Ten thousand yuan , This is the only design package model in the whole series , It can also be regarded as the new minimum configuration version .

Shape aspects , The front face of the new car adopts BMW family design language , The double kidney air inlet grille is decorated with straight waterfall chrome plated strips , The style is domineering . The headlight groups on both sides are blackened , The style is also more atmospheric .

The lower surrounding part adopts a three-stage shape , Chrome plated strips are used in the vent areas on both sides to create a wind blade shape , Fog lights are also integrated on the top , The sense of class is quite good .

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