GAC Toyota became popular all the way in July, with a total sales volume of 75000, and Camry and Lei Lingqi broke 20000!

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gac toyota popular way july

Today, , The global auto industry is weakening , Plus the shortage of chips , All car companies are crying bitterly , Only Toyota is enjoying the current market , Seems to be announcing to other car companies , I'm the car overlord now .8 The month just arrived , GAC Toyota released 7 The overall record of the month , GAC Toyota in the whole 7 The sales performance in January reached 75130 car , rose 2.6%, in any case , All want to praise Toyota .

GAC Toyota's achievements

The reason why GAC Toyota can achieve such a record , There are two models that contribute , That's Camry and leiling , These two cars have broken through 20000 , It can be called an evergreen tree in the field of family cars . Camry's in 7 The sales of the month reached 22042 car , Year-on-year growth 23.9%, The sales volume of leiling family has exceeded to 21259 car , Year-on-year growth 5.3%.

In response to China's auto market , Toyota recently launched a medium-sized car SUV Vetlanda , after 1 More than years of market fermentation , Willanda's sales have also increased steadily , It's in 7 The sales of the month reached 12291 car . At Toyota TNGA In the family , Maybe only C-HR The performance is a little worse , After all, this car has a wonderful shape , Especially the rear window , It's like going to jail in the car , I make complaints about countless car owners , It's in 7 Sales in January were only 4475 car , For the Toyota brand , Its performance was clearly failing .

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