The new Mingrui declaration map is exposed and the wheelbase is lengthened, which can be called the Volkswagen Sagitar for standard change

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new mingrui declaration map exposed

Speaking of the most popular joint venture brand in China , I think it must be the public 、 Honda 、 The three giants of Toyota , Especially the public , In China, it can be said that it is mixed with wind and water , But one brand seems to have been forgotten , It's Skoda , Although Skoda's brand strength is average , But it is the public who changes the Standard Version , A car company whose strength can not be underestimated !

In recent days, , We got a message , Skoda's new sharp declaration picture is exposed , The new car is expected to be renamed Mingrui Pro, The size has been lengthened , The wheelbase has reached 2730mm, somewhat B The feeling of a first-class car , There is plenty of space . Speaking of this , I think everyone understands , This is the standard version of Volkswagen Sagitar !

This is the only declaration chart , Let's talk about overseas models , After all, the new car is highly consistent with the overseas version .

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