What's the use of a "second page" on the driver's license?

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use second page driver license

Many people must have got their own driver's license , Some people begin to prepare for these things even before they graduate from college , After all, after work , It's very difficult to squeeze in time for the driver's license test . After you get your driver's license , You will find out , The driver's license can be divided into front page and auxiliary page , What we want to say today is that there is a on the driver's license “ Secondary page ”, What's the point ? Novices and veterans should understand , I don't know. It may suffer a lot .

A lot of information is recorded on the front page of the driver's license , Everyone will take good care of it , The information on the side page is relatively less , You must not think that the side page is not important , So I threw it away . When you need to remind everyone , The front page of the driver's license is as important as the front page of the driver's license , And it is indispensable . If the traffic police are checking the driver's license , Your driver's license has only the front page , Without a side page , Then this driver's license is incomplete , May be judged as driving without a license , So take good care of the second page .

And the side page also records some information , But the information on the front page is not comprehensive , For example, the holder's internship , Including when checking your driver's license , Are you still in your internship , This information can be reflected on the side page , If you haven't had an internship , Then drivers should obey the traffic rules related to practice . in addition , There are also violation records on the secondary page , Including when the violation category will be recorded , If there is a record of illegal score deduction during the internship period, the internship period may be extended .

If it is C1 Your driver's license , After the internship expires , The driver's license will automatically become a regular ; And if it is C1 Above driver's license , After the internship period expires, you need to take an examination before you can turn your driver's license into a regular one , Become a formal driver , At the same time, replace the second page of the driver's license . Said so much , It's not easy to get a driver's license , So everyone should take good care of their driver's license , Don't think the amount of information on the side page is less , I don't think the side page is important , Otherwise, you may suffer a loss .

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