The price of Versailles c5x was released, 143700 were pre sold, and the configuration tables of various models were exposed

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price versailles c5x released pre

8 month 9 Friday night , Dongfeng Citroen Versailles C5X Officially open presale , This pre-sale Versailles C5X A total of 4 models , The pre-sale price range is 14.37-18.67 Ten thousand yuan , The new car is expected to arrive at 9 It will be officially delivered to the customer from January .

The configuration table released by Dongfeng Citroen shows Versailles C5X All configuration information for . From the configuration table , Versailles C5X There are four levels of configuration , The lowest standard configuration 19 Inch active intake hub 、PHC Adaptive hydraulic stabilization technology 、 Active opening and closing air inlet grille 、 Floating panoramic skylight 、 Keyless entry / start-up 、 Cruise control 、 Electric folding / Heat the rearview mirror 、8 The speaker 、 On-line OTA、6 airbag 、 Tire pressure monitoring, etc .

On the basis of the minimum configuration, the front seats are added to the class II models 4 Adjust to the waist 、 Mobile wireless mapping 、ACC Full speed adaptive cruise system 、12 Inch color HD touch screen 、 Forward looking camera 、 Millimeter wave radar 、 Emergency automatic braking and other configurations .

The secondary top configuration model adds... On the basis of all configurations of the secondary model 3D colour eHUD Looked up and show 、 Intelligent cleaning cockpit 、 Atmosphere lamp 、 Front seat heating 、 Electric tail gate 、 Lane change assistance and other configurations .

The top configuration model adds... On the basis of all configurations of the sub top configuration model Claudia Leather seats 、 Seat ventilation 、 Seat massage 、 Front seat 8 Directional regulation 、HiFi Surround sound system 、 Active hood 、 Rear traffic passage prompt and other configuration functions . The top configuration is very rich , Of course, the price is not cheap , Open to booking 18.67 Ten thousand yuan .

In terms of tire specifications that have attracted much attention , Dongfeng Citroen finally chose Goodyear customized Yucheng II Substitute tire , The specification is 205/55R19. however , Dongfeng Citroen promises that the retail price of this customized tire is only 748 element / strip , All major e-commerce platforms and offline outlets have retail outlets , At the same time, Versailles C5X Will also enjoy nationwide 2 Hour rescue Express Service .

Versailles C5X It's Citroen based on EMP2 The station wagon built by the platform , The shape of the car is integrated with the car 、SUV And the characteristics of station wagon , The lines are smooth and elegant , At the same time, it also has the comfort of a car 、 The practicability of station wagon and SUV Pass through , The appearance is highly acceptable .

And in the interior , Versailles C5X Based on Citroen's new technology cockpit concept , Further simplify the interior design . Versailles C5X The overall interior style is very simple , The function partition is reasonable , Common physical keys are retained , Good human-computer interaction .

motivation , Versailles C5X With the third generation 1.6T Turbocharged engine , The most powerful 175 horsepower , Peak torque 250 cattle · rice , Match the love 8AT Automatic transmission .

For Dongfeng Citroen , Versailles of extraordinary birth C5X Has been given the important task of leading Citroen to achieve sales turnover , And Versailles C5X In terms of configuration and pre-sale price , Versailles C5X It really shows the strength and potential to undertake this great task .

In addition to the vanguard aesthetic design , Versailles C5X The configuration also shows full sincerity , The leapfrog configuration of low configuration models is less than 15 The pre-sale price of 10000 yuan confirms “ The introduction is Versailles ” Our slogan is by no means just words , Dongfeng Citroen has placed the heavy task of turning over on Versailles C5X, And today Versailles C5X The pre-sale price and configuration table also live up to the long-standing heat before the car went on the market , This time, Citroen is expected to pass the configuration “ Versailles ” Of “ Versailles, bensai ” Achieve sales “ Versailles ”.

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