Chang'an Auchan's youthful strength has sold 147000 vehicles, which is the momentum of independent brands

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chang auchan youthful strength sold

recently , Automobile public opinion obtained the latest sales data of Auchan brand from the official of Auchan in Chang'an , The sales performance of Chang'an Auchan is like a rainbow , This year, 7 month , The monthly sales volume of the brand reaches 20,154 car ,2021 year 1-7 The cumulative monthly sales reached 146,595 car , Year on year growth 75.6%.

In terms of specific models , As a new heavyweight , Chang'an Auchan X5 It is undoubtedly the mainstay of brand sales . New car from last year 11 Since its launch at the end of this month , continuity 8 month , Average monthly sales exceeded 10,000 , This year, 7 Monthly sales volume is 10554 car ,1-7 Monthly cumulative sales 74938 car .

With its amazing appearance, powerful power and exciting cost performance , Chang'an Auchan X5 In compact SUV The market is soaring , so to speak , auchan X5 It is a well deserved pillar model of Auchan brand .

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