Yu Yuexian's photos of the scene of the car accident were exposed. The brake marks were clear, and car fragments and camel hair could be seen everywhere

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8 month 9 Japan ,《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, a famous actor who plays the role of Xie Dajiao, had a car accident in Alashan, Inner Mongolia , Died of serious injury , Years old 50 year , Zhang ziyi 、 Little Shenyang 、 Guo Donglin 、 Wang Xiaoli 、 Xinzhilei 、 Zhai Tianlin 、 Li Randy and other stars in the circle sent messages on microblog to mourn .

The police also issued a police report , Yu Yuexian's car accident happened in 8 month 9 Early morning 3 when 27 branch , Yu Yuexian died because of her severe injury , All in all 4 personal , Driver Guo moulong and two other passengers were injured , Currently under treatment , There is no danger of life , The cause of the accident is under investigation .

Some media interviewed witnesses at the scene of the car accident , Witnesses said there was a brown Land Rover at the scene of the accident , Yu yuexiansuo's car hit a camel on the road , Although the perimeter of the site is blocked , But you can see the internal organs of the camel flying everywhere .

8 month 9 Friday night , Some netizens went to the scene of Yu Yuexian's car accident for a field visit .

There were very few vehicles on the road where Yu Yuexian had a car accident , The road surface is very flat , The road condition is also very good , Cars can travel to higher speeds .

at present , The scene of the accident has been cleaned , The vehicle involved in Yu Yuexian's accident is no longer at the scene , The camels killed in the crash have also been pulled away , However, clear brake marks can still be seen at the scene , And scattered on the ground , Car debris and camel hair everywhere .

Yu Yuexian's unfortunate death , Let many netizens grieve ,《 Rural love 》 The official blog sent two dynamic mourning articles in a row ,《 Rural love 》 Wrote in the official blog :“ Our beloved teacher Yu Yuexian , Dear aunt Bigfoot , Country love is the closest family , Thank you for your company for more than ten years , May you rest in peace , All the way walk good ”“ A person really leaves , It's the moment when everyone forgets her , I Believe , As long as we keep it in mind , Aunt Bigfoot will never leave , Bigfoot supermarket will always keep aunt Bigfoot's position ”.

Tianjin People's Art Theater issued an obituary saying :“ Her death is a great loss to Tianjin People's art and even the national literary and art circles , People's art colleagues express their deep condolences !”.

Yu Yuexian's husband Zhang Xuesong wrote in his obituary :“ Yu Yuexian devoted herself to film and television , Leave many excellent works of public praise , She works diligently , Public spirited 、 Has a kind heart , Her unfortunate death , It makes me feel very sad , The man is gone , Smile forever ”, And revealed that because of the epidemic , Yu Yuexian's funeral ceremony will be simplified .

Yu Yuexian and her husband Zhang Xuesong have a good relationship , The videos released on Zhang Xuesong's short video platform are Yu Yuexian , The background picture of Yu Yuexian's circle of friends is that she and her husband Zhang Xuesong look at each other affectionately 、 The sweet love of holding hands , Now they are separated by Yin and Yang , It's really good luck .

Because it happened suddenly , Yu Yuexian's family did not tell her mother about Yu Yuexian's death , Yu Yuexian's mother is near 80 year , Yu Yuexian's brother revealed , Now the whole family is hiding from their mother :“ Now mom doesn't know the news , It's mainly because it's too sudden , Afraid she can't accept ”, Mother also thought Yu Yuexian had gone out to shoot .

According to media reports , After Zhao Benshan and his wife Ma Lijuan learned that Yu Yuexian had died in a car accident , Equally sad , We have sent people to the scene for the first time to help Yu Yuexian's family deal with the aftermath .

While Zhao Jiaxuan, Zhao Benshan's daughter, announced the suspension of the live broadcast , Also sent a message to mourn Yu Yuexian on Weibo , Zhao Jiaxuan said that many people call aunt Yu Yuexian big feet , Only she called her aunt , Zhao Jiaxuan wrote sadly on her microblog :“ You leave in a hurry , Ivory Hill will be lonely ”“ Bye, aunt Xian , You should be well in heaven . I'll miss you , Everyone will miss you ”.

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