Yu Yuexian was killed in a car accident: he hit a camel at 3 a.m. and two other passengers were injured. Xie Dajiao died alone

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yu yuexian killed car accident

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Zhao Benshan lost another good partner .

seen 《 Rural love 》 All my friends know , Without Xie Dajiao, there would be no laughing and scolding in the ivory mountain .

A big Xie foot , Let Ivory mountain 、 All the men outside Ivory hill are jubilant , She is the soul of the mountain village .

It is a pity that ,9 On the afternoon of Sunday 3 I received media news at ,50 Year old “ Thank you ” Actor Yu Yuexian , Unfortunately died .

According to the traffic police of Alashan League in Inner Mongolia , In the morning 3 P.m. , The detachment received the road alarm information , A car SUV Hit two camels in the dark , Have a serious car accident .

The traffic police arrived at the scene and found , It was the famous actor Yu Yuexian who was seriously injured , By this time she was unconscious .

There are three people in the car , Two other people, including the driver, were injured but saved their lives , Only Yu Yuexian was seriously injured and died .

in addition , Two camels died on the spot , It can be seen that the car accident was tragic .

Some speculate , Yu Yuexian probably slept in the back row , Not wearing a seat belt , How else could she be the only victim . however , Relatives and colleagues including Yu Yuexian's husband , Didn't respond to this .

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