Is the scheming flower funny? What happened to Huang Lei's daughter Huang Duoduo? Round faced flowers hype rollover?

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scheming flower funny happened huang

The clever little flower is ridiculous ?

Xiaohua, who is on the dating show, is actually quite “ Meaning ” Of , The reason for quotation marks , It's because sometimes her words and deeds make people feel ridiculous .

For example, she used to work in the group , A actress who doesn't agree with her is also , So she fought silently . What treatment do people have , She also wants to have , People pay for drinks for the crew , She immediately followed and invited everyone to eat , In short, I don't want to fall behind and win others . Think carefully, it's clear at a glance , Each other is too lazy to argue with her .

With other actresses like this battle It's not just once , She also stabbed others on the crew , But other actresses are not simple characters , Don't give her face at all . She's not convinced yet , The makeup artist who threatened to rob the actress , Finally, the actress gave me a stab .

Sometimes she likes to find a sense of existence when talking , The superiority of dark rubbing . There was a backstage preparation , She chatted casually with the staff . Talking about the house , Say you have a house in Beijing , Ask the staff where they bought the house . The staff told her the house they had bought for many years , She just said “ Such an old community ”, A look of special disdain .

And someone else came to her to shoot , She specially told people not to pat her clothes , It's all real diamonds , Afraid to be photographed and said to show off their wealth . Although it's a reminder , But the idea that I have to tell others that my clothes are really diamond is also a little obvious . So I went to variety show before , The comment given to her by other guests is quite accurate , A careful machine that can be seen through too many eyes .

The follow-up to the accident of Huang Lei's daughter Huang Duoduo ?

A few days ago, brother Xiao talked about Huang Lei's daughter's many materials , see , Now the follow-up of this melon comes again ! The rumors about Duoduo have been cleared up in the public at present , But the negative impact of this incident is still immeasurable .

Nowadays, there are still some melon eaters who associate Duoduo with that rumor , No fire without wind , Duoduo may indeed have some disadvantages in private , This has a very bad impact on her personal reputation , see , After her story came out , Now several business resources have refused to cooperate with Duoduo , As a result, Huang Lei's family is facing certain economic losses !

also , Huang Lei always wanted to send Duoduo to “ celebrities ” Direction training , But after this , Some people in the upper class circle have pointed out to Duoduo , I don't think she deserves to mix with their circle , Dodo is not in good shape at school , Her mind is sensitive and fragile , In the face of such a situation, I am very hurt .

Based on this , Sun Li has planned to stop her work of making a comeback , Go home and take care of Duoduo's mood , Huang Lei is a little extreme , He is worried that if this situation continues to develop , Duoduo can't even enter the entertainment industry in the future , So I started to help a lot of screen Marketing , Get her on the scene as soon as possible , Then use this to suppress the intention of public opinion . But in terms of a lot of emotional states , She's afraid she can't make her debut at this time .

Round faced flowers hype rollover ?

The old costume drama starring Xiaohua with a round face and male star sheep Baa Baa has recently burst into gags . Round faced Xiaohua originally wanted to sell a wave of beauty through gags , As a result, the unwelcome make complaints about the melon crowd after they were released , Everyone teased her that she didn't match the sheep Baa Baa standing together , It's just the sight of the servant girl and the young master . This makes the round faced little flower angry , She is now trying to market herself and the sheep Baa Baa CP sense , In order to publicize this ancient costume play , Improve the audience rating of the play , But the effect is counterproductive .

As for frying CP, It's also a round faced flower with a hot shaving pick , Sheep Baa Baa is disgusted with her , Before shooting the play , The play promised to find the popular female traffic in the circle to play with sheep Baa Baa , As a result, I went around , Finally, the heroine set a round face flower , This makes the sheep Baa Baa angry , The play side clearly wants him to help round face Xiaohua carry coffee .

But sheep Baa Baa has signed a contract , He can't afford the penalty , I had to be tough on filming , So he has no good face for Round faced flowers , Naturally, I won't cooperate with her CP 了 . And round faced flowers are frying CP After the rollover , Let the team monitor the whole network , Delete all the posts that are bad for her .

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