Sudden! Zhao Benshan's sister-in-law suffered a car accident and died suddenly at the age of 50

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sudden zhao benshan sister-in-law sister

August 9, 2021 《 Rural love 》 Yu Yuexian, the actor of Xie Dajiao, died in a car accident , At the age of fifty . Maybe a lot of people like me , When I first received this message , I wonder if someone is making it up again , But the fact is so cold in front of everyone , She really left us .

Maybe many viewers' impression of him stays on the role of Xie Dajiao . Even think she is like most northeast actors , No professional training , That's a big mistake .

Yu Yuexian is a serious Chinese opera graduate , And as early as 1998 , She's already in the old version of 《 Water margin 》 Played a role in . But that era of talented people , Her performance can only be regarded as regular , I'm afraid what impressed the audience a little was that she was in the autumn of 2002 《 Later biography of journey to the West 》 Chen Wuzhen plays a role in .

Aunt Bigfoot was really gorgeous at that time , The title of the first beauty of ivory mountain , Absolutely deserved . And by 2006 , He was invited by his brother-in-law Zhao Benshan . Start acting 《 Rural love 》 Series TV series , Maybe many people feel that Yu Yuexian is not relying on relatives to go through the back door , This is really not .

I said if you have the right one, just call me , No suitable words , I don't force you to , In this case, everyone is very hard , The audience is uncomfortable , Then I felt uncomfortable going through a big back door . So I think we must be serious in our work .―― Yu Yuexian

As a comedy master who has dominated the Spring Festival gala for more than ten years, Zhao Benshan deeply understands that the audience is God , The Little Shenyang that became popular in those years is not very famous , But Zhao Benshan deliberately reduced his part in this TV play , The reason is that the performance is poor , The audience is not happy after watching .

Besides , If yu Yuexian wants to go through the back door , As early as 2004 , Zhao Benshan 《 Ma Da Shuai 》 In the TV series , Can arrange roles with her , But Zhao Benshan has no simple reason , Yu Yuexian is too professional. She always puts on airs when acting , It's not like a rural person at all .

Make complaints about these vomit tanks , Yu Yuexian also has a temper . Who says professional actors can't play rural people . To get close to the character , She moved directly to the countryside , Live with rural women every day . For slim bodies , It doesn't look like a farmer , Yu Yuexian specially fattens 16 Jin .

besides , She also wears shoes two or three sizes bigger than her feet every day , Because I can't reach my toes , Only cotton can be stuffed inside . And all this is not in vain . In 2010 . Yu Yuexian won the best actress award of Huading Award for her role of Xie Dajiao .

In fact, compared with Yu Yuexian's real life , The ups and downs of her acting career are not worth mentioning . Yu Yuexian is the eldest daughter of the family , There are two sisters and a brother . In that patriarchal age , They suffered a lot , All delicious and delicious food must be provided for my brother and sister first . I haven't eaten anything good once .

And such life experience has gradually tempered her resolute and decisive character . So Yu Yuexian often looks more like a man . Originally, he thought that such a miserable life would slowly go through .

But his brother Yu Yingjie had bad news when he was eight , My brother's spine suddenly deformed , And the bending degree has reached a terrible 174 degrees. The whole person looks like folding up . The disease itself is not terrible , But it's hard to breathe because of the curvature of the spine 、 A series of complications such as heart failure are the most terrible .

But the risks faced by my brother's operation were unexpected to the whole family . The attending doctor said , The most difficult operation he completed was to bend his spine 128 degrees , One hundred seventy-four degrees to three degrees like this is too big , It's easy to be life-threatening . But if not, it will continue to develop , If you don't die for two years at most, you have to have high paraplegia .

Yu Yuexian's brother decided to gamble his life after he knew , And Yu Yuexian took care of all the operation expenses of her brother . And say , If disabled, I will keep my brother for a lifetime , But at that time, he was just a little girl in her early twenties , Where can I get so much money .

So , She had to run around , Finally, I collected tens of thousands of yuan from several friends , With this unyielding spirit , Their family succeeded in breaking through the gates of hell . Later, Yu Yuexian in order to reduce family pressure , I can only give up my iron rice bowl as a teacher and change my career to be an actor , But the idea was strongly opposed by his family .

In their eyes , Being an actor is an actor. It's a dirty thing . Even grandpa was so angry that he gave him another name . His father also beat him up , And said he was going to drive out of the house , But Yu Yuexian insisted . In the year she was admitted to Chinese drama , Cousin Ma Lijuan was lucky to get to know Zhao Benshan and get married .

That's it , Yu Yuexian had the identity of sister-in-law Zhao Benshan . But no one can think of , After going through so many heartaches and pains, she , I haven't had time to enjoy life yet , He left the world early , A few days before Yuexian died , She also posted a video of herself picking mushrooms on the platform . In the video , She also claims to be a big girl picking mushrooms .

But it's such a grounding gas , So vivid, Xie Dajiao left her favorite audience friend forever on the morning of August 9, 2021 . At the age of fifty , Since then, Dajiao supermarket has no owner . No matter what , Still thank her , No, the audience brought laughter . One last word , Aunt Bigfoot , All the way walk good .

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