Naked marriage with her husband, because of her brother DINK's 20 years, "Xie Dajiao" died in a car accident, which is sad

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naked marriage husband brother dink

“ Aunt Bigfoot ” Yu Yuexian “ go ” 了 , Just because of the early morning 3 spot , The speed is too fast , Collided with two camels , Fixed her life in 50 Summer at the age of .

The news came by surprise , So many people can't accept and give up .

Little Shenyang said : I can't believe it , Aunt, go all the way .

Zhao Benshan's daughter said : Bye, aunt Xian , Ivory mountain will be lonely without you , Everyone doesn't know where to buy things in the future , There are many people on credit , You're fine in heaven , We'll all miss you .

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